Zip World – Velocity 2


Velocity 2

I was thirsty of adventures so together with my friend Jolanta, we went to Wales to get off to the zip line. The company ‘Zip World’ advertises itself as the fastest zip line in the world and the longest in Europe.

Information that I have found on their web page says that going down by the route ‘Velocity 2’ you can reach a speed up to 100 mph per hour which equals 160 km / h. A rope of 1555 meter long is spread along the lake and it has a view of the quarry located beyond.

The price of the Velocity 2 includes two rides on the zip line (shorter and longer) and the ride in the car to get to the zip line start point located on the hill.
When I was going there I was hoping that during going down I will feel like a Superman :).

How does it look like?

After reaching the destination place, we collected tickets in the form of a wristband from the cash register. When the time of our booking has come, we were weighed, given the proper suits, helmets and glasses. Please do not forget about taking the goggles from the dressing room, as without them you will not be allowed to get on the rope – safety rules first!

Fully dressed with our helmets and harnesses, we were following the guide. The 24 group of people was divided into smaller teams, which were put as four people on each bench.

Zip line ride

In our special suits and harnesses, we lied on the suspended platform. Then we were tied to the rope and we were just hanging doing nothing for a while.

When the coordinator gets a green light, the following countdown takes place: ONE, TWO, THREE, then the service takes out the safeties off and the ride starts.
The first ride was encouraging. It did not last long, but I was hoping for better emotions later. Awareness of that the second rope is definitely longer causes a smile on your face :).

Velocity 2



Start looked similar like in case of the first zip line. We were attached to the rope. Next, the countdown: ONE, TWO, THREE and a ride down started. The first few seconds are full of spead, later it was much slower. I barely reached the end of the rope. At the start, a triangle was added to my harness that was resisting and slowing down my ride (safety first!).

I did not feel the speed, the glasses were steaming and I could barely see anything. Honestly, more excitement I felt while being on the Philippines when I was riding on the Bohol Island (so far my best zip line ride in my life) and later in Calbayog. I am not addicted to adrenaline and I am not a hard-core :D.

I am not writing this to discourage you. In my opinion, people who had or have constant contact with height and speed will not be delighted. Instead of WOW, it was wow – I did not feel like a Superman.

You have to keep your hands close to your body, so if you plan to take the camera you will be able to attach it on the helmet with the straps if you have any. There are mountings on the helmet, but they are different brand and do not fit to the GoPro. Your own camera can be mounted on the helmet using a straps.

I was slightly disappointed with the ride on the zip line, but overall the trip was very enjoyable. The weather was good, there was a lot of laughter in a good company :).

The moral of this story says that it is not worth believing what you see on the advertisements, because you can be disappointed ;).


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