Wales and its winter charms



Together with Piecia, once again we went to Cymru = Wales.

I like our trips as I do not have to plan anything – everything is done by Piotrek :D. I am a person who likes to take pleasure from the others, who love planning 🙂 I do not interfere and take 100% of his prepared plan.


The Pyg Track trail leads to the highest peak of Wales – Snowdon. At the very beginning we passed 2 Polish women. In a very short conversation, one of them stated saying that “Poles are everywhere” – I think so too. Sometimes I think that the proverb “Where the devil cannot send a woman there” should be changed to: “Where the devil cannot, there will be a Pole,” Regards girls :).

We climbed to the top after 3 hours of a quite heavy crossing through the snow. It was not the lightest trekking, but there was also no tragedy. We were prepared in 80% for the weather conditions. The clothes and footwear have worked very well, although my “Oboz” shoes were not suitable for the deep snow. In turn, wearing my jacket, I thought I would be cooked. Apparently, the temperature was -6 – it was not felt at all.

YHA – Youth Hostel Association

It is a chain of shelters in Wales and England. In comparison with the local reality it is cheap, they have a very extensive and interesting atmosphere with a decent standard. They are located in various buildings; from houses, mansions to castles and even in the mills. Everything has been adapted for tourists. In addition to the bed, bathroom and dining room, we had access to an open equipped kitchen and a living room with sofas. YHA resorts in the summer are very crowded and it is difficult to find a vacant bed, but many of them also have campsites.
You can find the locations of the centres directly on the YHA website.

During our staying in the hostel we met Allan. We thought that he was like another Englishman, but we were mistaken. It turned out that Allan is propol; he praised the dried sausage and knew larger cities and their geographical location, and this is not so common. He even knew which countries we bordered on :D. He also enjoyed spaghetti prepared by Ania (Piotr’s wife). As you can see in the description given above, not all Englishmen are ignorant, as many compatriots claim.


During the trip there was an opportunity to try freeze-dried food. I’ve heard a lot about it, but I’ve never had contact with it before. Previously bought packages were waiting for the opportunity, it was stupid to try it at home :). There was one big positive surprise. I described the full opinion and experience on the LYO FOOD website.


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