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At the very beginning I will describe how it started that I visited Scotland once again. Well, being with Piotr in January in Wales on the trail we passed two Polish women. After a short exchange of pleasantries everyone went their own way and we did not meet again.

After returning home, I uploaded a few photos from the trip in the facebook group Beautiful side of Great Britain. On the one photo the backs of the aforementioned Polish women were presented. Agata (one of the girls) is also in this group and as she told me, she was surprised to see her back. From the commentary to the commentary, we started talking, we met and that’s how our love began 😀 – such stories happen only in fairy tales :).

We talked and declared that if any of us would go on a trip, will let know the other person. A few weeks ago, Agata proposed a trip with friends to Scotland. Initially, four of them were going to go, but in fact three people went.




A night trip to Scotland gave everyone a hard times – even to me, even though I slept in the back of the car. Slightly exhausted we briefly visited the city – our goal for that day was Fort William, so we could not afford to a lot on this day.

None of our three had time to prepare a specific trip plan before; work, children, home – life. , Everything during our Glasgow trip was improvised. Nevertheless, we managed to see some interesting places:

Glasgow Cathedral – the entrance is free, unfortunately we were too early and it was closed. It looks nice from the outside :).

The Necropolis – a cemetery located on a hill near the cathedral with a view of the city – a nice place.

George Squere – the central square of the city with the monuments of merited Scots and the City Chambers – the building in which the City Council functions.


  • Fellow Glasgow Resident
  • Wonderwall
  • Hip Hop Marionettes 
  • Badminton

There are many more.

Glasgow, though it has a lot to offer, but it has not stolen my heart. The city was very good described by Agata, I quote: “Concrete, concrete, concrete, oh a nice building, concrete, concrete, concrete, oh a nice building” – with a predominance of concrete. It looked more or less like that.

Places in the city it that are worth to be seen:

People’s Palace – the building where you will find the story of Glasgow city, there is also a winter garden – for free.

Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum – a free museum with 22 permanent exhibitions.

Riverside Museum – a museum of transport, from outside and inside looks interesting to visit should also encourage free entry should be encouraging to visit it.

The Lighthouse – is a Scottish center of design and architecture, there are galleries and workshops. The reason for visiting can be the viewpoint at the top of the tower and free entry.

Glasgow Science Center – an interesting place offering an interactive museum, a planetarium and a lookout tower. In this case, you have to pay for the ticket, the price depends on the chosen variant and the age of visitors.

Glasgow Botanic Gardens – botanical garden, there is no need to describe what it is. Free entrance.

There are still several museums and gardens in the city, but the excess of visiting such objects in small intervals begins to overwhelm me and makes me tired.

Wallace Monument

On the Abbey Craig hill located near Stirling, a tower to commemorate the Scottish hero Sir William Wallace was built. He fought in the war for the liberation of Scotland from England’s influences. Unfortunately, he ended badly. He was hanged and dismembered for crimes against English society. His story was dramatized in the ‘Braveheart’ movie.

The place is a good vantage point. The transition from the cash register to the entrance takes less than 10 minutes uphill; you can also use the free bus and go up. Ticket £ 9.99.

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