Scotland – Fort William & Ben Nevis


Fort William

From early morning we were mentally supported by Shivaay (the character from Indian action movie who is not scared because of the weather and for whom Chuck Norris can clean the shoes). He motivated us to go to the Ben Nevis even though the weather forecasts predicted the wind to blow 70 km/h.



Trekking on Ben Nevis

With every single crossed meter and the high increase mild blow was turning into something harsh. Suddenly changing wind was stopping us and forcing to find better way to get to the top. During the march on the Ben Nevis Mountain’s path the layers of the terrain were covering us. We had not only hats and hoodies but also balaclavas and scarfs. We also changed thin gloves for the proper winter ones.

When we finally walked through the Windy corner – we heard that it was one of the most dangerous parts of the path we walked to the part of the thick snow so we had to put the winter shoes on. For a while we were blinded because of the ‘Satan’ (the strong wind) that firstly was not allowing to put our shoes.

Agata resigned and went back to the Fort William. Together with Marcin (the third companion of our trip) we were moving forward. After walking few hundred meters we got to the crossroads of the Ben Nevis Mountain and North Face paths. Our path was not visible. However it was not a real problem. The main problem that we got was the weather. The snow was falling heavily and it was raining at the same time. We did not have any goggles and we were not able to see the path clearly. Walking without special equipment in these conditions was not coming into play. The power of Shivaaya has left us and we decided to come back.

Going down

Along with the decreasing high and distance to the city the weather was getting sunnier and milder. On the one hand the Sun was shining and we could feel nice warm and from the other side the snowflakes were falling on our faces – very nice mix I must say :).

Fort William

Fort William except its’ beautiful views and mountain paths has some nice places that can be also visited.

  • The West Highland Museum – Small but very nice museum.
  • The Jacobite – the steam-powered train that goes from Fort William to Mallaig,
  • Glenfinnan Viaduct – very famous viaduct that was presented in the Harry Potter movie.
  • Glenfinnan Monument – the monument built in the honour of Jacobites’ who were trying to emancipate Scotland. Unfortunately their all plan was ruined.
  • The stairs of Neptune – 10 canal locks built on the Caledonian Canal that lifts it up to 19 meters.

The hunting for Haggis

Haggis in other words is the national Scottish dish made of the ovine’s offals minced with the onion and the oatmeal. There are also some herbs added into it. Originally Haggis is served in the sheep’s stomach but nowadays it is rather put to the plastic box.

We ordered chicken Haggis. We received only one slice of it and honestly saying we expected something different than that. It was tasty but we felt that we have been given only a substitute of the version that we should have been received.

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