Scotland – Edinburgh



When the “Eastern Beast” was storming at the rest of the British Isles, in Edinburgh the sun was shining and exploring of the city was very pleasant :).




Calton Hill

Nelson Monument

Nelson Monument is a viewing point that was built and named in honor of vice Admiral Horatio Nelson. The monument commemorates his victory at the Battle of Trafalgar and death from wounds in the same clash.

After paying 5 pounds and climbing 143 stairs, from the top of the tower we can admire a nice panorama of Edinburgh. Even at the end of March, when there was no green plants around, the views were impressive.

On the Calton Hill there is also:

  • National Monument
  • Dugald Stewart Monument
  • Playfair Monument
  • Old Observatory House
  • Monument to Scotish parliament

Princes Street Gardens

The garden ‘Prince Street Garden’ is located near the castle.
As I mentioned earlier, it was March and there were no leaves on the trees or blooming flowers on the flower beds. However, I think that as soon as everything turns green the small urban oasis is g 🙂 where you can sit and relax – if it is not raining of course.

Scott monument

In turn, this monument was built in honor of Walter Scott – a Scottish novelist, poet and historian. The monument is located at Princes Street Gardens and you cannot miss it – it is high at 61,11 meters. We will get to the highest viewing platform after climbing 288 stairs. I was not there, but I think there is a nice panorama of Edinburgh and the garden. Entry ticket £ 5.

The Polish anthem

Like a typical tourist, I decided to take a photo with a piper. I’ve never taken photography with street musicians before, but in the end it had to be the first time :). To be in Scotland and not have a picture with a Scot in a kilt – it is not good :). I walked up to him, I threw in £ 5, and apart from the photo and short conversation, Dudzirz played the Polish national anthem – such a small prize. It’s nice, especially if you do not expect it :). This man knew how to play on the feelings of tourists :).

Edinburgh Castle

The castle from the outside was impressive. However, with Agata and Marcin, we assumed that the interior probably looks like in other European fortresses. We decided not to go inside. Nobody had the urge to visit him at all costs. None of us was princes and princesses, so salons are not for us: D. Maybe, not seeing one of the main attractions of the city, was a mistake, but so far I do not regret my decision.

If anyone wants to visit the object, in the summer (March 26 – September 30) you can do it from 9.30 to 18.00, in winter (October 1 – March 31) 9.30 – 17.00. Adult ticket costs £ 18.50 (price at the box office), £ 17 (online booking).


The city has made a much better impression on me than Glasgow, although in the second case it could be due to the lack of time for sightseeing and all-night drive. Would I go back there again? Yes, of course! Edinburgh had a lot to offer. Unfortunately, when you only have one day there is no way to see everything and you have to choose between attractions.

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