Scotland – Loch Ness & Inverness


Scotland – Loch Ness & Inverness

The day was devoted to the passage from Fort William to Edinburgh. We spent many hours in the car, but along the way we managed to see some interesting places and even sail by ship.



Scotland is a country of castles. Every few kilometers you can find some ruins or a restored object. After a while we stopped paying attention to them as they were all over. If you want to see them all you would have to stop every few kilometers, and we did not have too much time.

Highland cattle

Traveling through Scotland’s roads you can come across a Highland cattle breed there. Some will think a cow like a cow: horns, four hooves and a tail. This cow is slightly different. He has long horns, long fur and bangs that protect his eyes. Maybe it’s nothing special, but it looks very nice :). If Kostek was not my mascot, definitely a Scottish cow would become it :).

Loch Ness

Loch Ness is part of the Caledonian Canal, but as most know, the lake is famous for another reason. It became famous by the legend of Nessie monster from the depths, which for several hundred years (the first mention comes from 565 n.e.) inhabits / inhabited the lake. The year 1933 was a breakthrough, then 50 accidents were reported describing the encounter with the monster. The information was picked up by the English press, later by the French, and the news spread throughout the world. There have been many stories since then.

Despite the developed technology, no traces of its presence were found. Some explain this by the poor transparency of the water caused by the presence of peat bogs on the lake’s slopes. Others say that the monster is hidden in crevasses or bottoms (the lake in the deepest spot is 226 meters), and this is why the monster cannot be traced.

Another claim that even if the monster has existed he is dead for a long time, but the legend has remained and attracts a lot of tourists every year. Even I wanted to see him :). To make it more accurate, the whole team decided to have an hour-long cruise. Nice views – I recommend :). The basic one-hour trip costs £ 14. There is a cruise option and you can visit the ruins of the Urquhart Castle.


The city is located at the mouth of the Ness River to the North Sea. In my opinion, it is very nice and worth visiting. In Inverness we had a second approach to Haggis, which was definitely better. In The Castle Tavern we ate a real version with potatoes and rutabaga. The whole was complemented by a mustard sauce. Very tasty and filling :).
In addition except eating the original Haggis, you can also may see:

  • The Castle of Inverness
  • The Cathedral of St. Andrew
  • The Old Inverness Church

A walk through the streets of the city is equally pleasant :).

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