Philippines country of contrast – Bohol Island





Sun, beach and me :D.

I have reached airport by Grab Taxi (160 peso + 60, which was added by the driver – probably beacuse of his own purposes.

I landed in Tagbilaran at 2 p.m. (Bohol Island). At the airport I met a couple from Poland (they have been already week in the Philippines). Unfortunately, I do not remember their names, but if you read it I  am cordially sending greetings to you :). After a brief exchange of courtesy, everyone moved  in their own direction.

You can get to the city by tricycle  ( 20 peso tourists, 12 peso locals ). Initially, I planned to stay at one of the cheapest hotels in Tagbilaran (500 pesos/ room), but when I was in a tricycle I noticed the Coconut Farm leaflet. Dorm for 350 pesos – that’s something for me :). Even with a ride to Panglao Island (200 pesos) which is connected by a bridge with Bohol seemed to be  a good price. I prefer to spend time on the beach, not in the crowded city. I did not have a reservation but luckily they found bed for me. During my staying in the Philippines I had booked room only twice in Manila. The rest rooms/ beds  I was looking  while I was arriving to the next places.

Coconut Farm is a friendly resort about 30 min from Tagbilaran. You can get there by a tricycle, taxi or jeepney. Bamboo huts, covered terrace, restaurant and 20 min walking distance to the beach.

In the evening I was  going to sleep, but I was invited to the table by an Englishman, two Brazilians and a German. It ended up on Alona Beach. There I met other compatriots. Three couples,  do not particularly nice. They  were behaving  like they were better  than you. They had been rude morons, who do not respect  the rest of people around them. It is pointless to comment it more.

Day 4

I woke up at 9 a.m., at 10 a.m. I had tour around  Bohol. Everything would be perfect, unfortunately the driver arrived half an hour earlier – I did not have time to eat breakfast :(.

The tour program included:

• Baclayan Church – free admission, next door is a museum (entrance 50 peso).Unfortunately we only had 15 minutes, so I did not have time to see it.

• Loboc River Cruise – ticket 250 pesos. About an hour swimming on the river. Food , nice view and karaoke included :D.

• Zip Line – There are several options to cross the river: two-way Zip line 400 pesos, one way zip line and gondola ride 350 pesos. I decided for two-way zip line 😀

• Bamboo Bridges – Entrance 20 pesos. You can pay that amount of money for that attraction :).

• Tarsier Conservation Area – Entrance of 60 pesos. Funny, big-eyed creatures :).

• Habitat Butterflies Conservation Centre – ticket 90 pesos. Walk around flying butterflies and talk about their life (biology lesson). They also had boa snakes and crocodiles.

• Chocolate Hills 50 pesos. The most famous place on the island :). Very nice view.

• Mahogany Forest free. Trees planted to the stop falling rocks have become an unexpected attraction. They did not impress me.

• Blood Compact Monument free. Monument commemorating the peace between Legazpi and Sikatuna.


The whole tour lasted about 6 hours. It was worth it.

Total cost of the tour:

• 400 p Driver

• 250p Lobock River cruise

• 90p Butterfly

• 400 p Zip Line

• 20 p Bamboo Bridges

• 60 p Tasiers

• 50 p Chocolate Hills

In the evening I went to the loudest pub – several tables, grill and karaoke machine: D. Several  Filipinos who were as full as a  boot were  singing  like the roosters :D. Not only I was brought down  there by loud music. I was joined by Norwegian Katarina and German Noa. After a while another tourist joined to us the Swede ( I do not remember his name). The evening ended at the beach with a beautiful view on the stars and with a new friend Tanduay (Filipino rum).

Day 5

It was going to be so beautiful day!

After breakfast, I headed to the port (tricycle 250 pesos). Ferry ticket to Siquijor 500 pesos. After 2 hours of voyage I found myself in Cebu: D. It turned out that we did not get along with Lady from ticket office and she sold me a bad ticket. Welcome adventure: D. I was not particularly happy in that situation and did not want to stay in Cebu. I bought a return ticket to Tagbiliran. This time I paid 400 pesos – option without air conditioning. To the ticket price you have to added:

• 20-25 peso terminal fee
• 50 Ocean Jet luggage

To get on the ferry you have to stand in 4 queues:

• for ticket
• to pay terminal fee
• to check in
• and to leave luggage.

I spent the night in Tagbilaran in a small, musty room.

On this day, I decided to make a list of daily expenses. I used it to control my budget ( it has been exceeded anyway), you may gain idea of  prices in the Philippines.

Daily expenses ( in a peso ):

• 250 Tricycle Coconut Farm TrolleyTagbilaran Port
• 500 Ferry TagbilaranCebu – options with air conditioning
• 25 Terminal fee
• 50 luggage
• 100 food in ort: grilled testicles + water
• 400 Ferry CebuTagbilaran – option without aircondition
• 20 terminal
• 50 luggage
• 20 tricycle
• 40 chips + water
• 49 Cheeseburgers at McDonalds – I was curious  :D, It had better taste than in Europe 😀
• 73 2 mangoes & 2 bananas
• 5 tuna bread
• 37.5 16 postcards
• 350 musty room


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