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Alsa – Making travel simpler :).
The next city that we have visited in Spain was Grenada. There are two airports nearby: Malaga and Grenada. While I was in England I was looking for the cheapest connection. I would rather to buy direct ticket even if I knew that it was more expensive. Unfortunately I committed the mistake by buying flying ticket to Malaga (even now I do not know who it happened). We did not have any choice than waste few hours to get to Granada and there were some additional costs. The transport company that we chose was Alsa – Making travel simpler :).

Exploring Grenada

After two hours of riding from Malaga about 12 p.m. o ‘clock we finally got to the bus station in Grenada. The friend of our sister picked us up – another Paulina. We were supposed to stay at her place for 3 nights but the atmosphere of the city was too nice so we stayed longer :D.
Paulina was giving some lessons of English and Polish languages so her schedule was full. We left our luggage at her flat and we separated for a while as she had to give the lessons. We did rest for a minute and we went for a quick tour through the city. Paulina lived at Paseo Padre Manjón so she had a direct view to the stunning Alhambra Castle and from her place was close to the Plaza Nueva. However we decided to climb through narrow and rocky streets. We got to the Ermita de San Miguel el Alto. From this point we could admire the beautiful panorama of the city.

Tapas in Andalusia

In the evening together with Paulina we went to try some ‘Tapas’. Andalusia is known from its’ small snacks served together with the beer or tinto. They are kind of small baguettes but honestly saying in Nido del Buho their size could be compared with Polish casseroles (in Polish language ‘Zapiekanki’that are being sold on Cracow’s ‘Plac Nowy’ so called ‘Okrąglak’). After having two portions (casserole + beer/tinto) for 2 euro we wanted only continuing drinking. We have been trying to resign for few times but local waitresses were explaining that it is against the tradition. So with each single beer we received the whole Tapas.


Life in Spain is totally different than the one that can be observed in Poland or England. Between 1p.m. and 5 p.m. ‘Siesta’ rules here. That means everybody has time for themselves. The shops, restaurants, banks and offices are closed. When siesta is finished everything is getting back as it was. Working hours are getting longer.

The people’s culture is different as well. They are more sociable. They met together at the pubs in the evenings to have some food and drink. It is very rooted tradition.

October in Grenada

We did not need much time to accept this kind of Spanish life style :). We started sightseeing about 12 p.m. o’clock. We were walking through the streets and at the same time we were impressed because of it’ beauty. It was October and even though there were many tourists on the streets. From time to time we were stopping to have a snack at the pubs. The second calm day has passed.

When the siesta finished we spent the evening exactly the same as the day before but in a bigger group with Paulina’s friends. I can definitely tell you that we finished our day in a Spanish style finishing early in the morning.

Carmen de los Mártires

We woke up quite late. We did not plan much for today. Nearby from Alhambra there is very pretty and quiet garden with the panorama of the city ‘Carmen de los Mártires’. We had to go out from there as siesta started and it was closed at that time.

In the evening we went to the Mirador de San Nicolas. It is a viewing point from where the whole Alhambra is visible. There were a lot of the tourists but I was not surprised as whole lighted complex from this point at night were even prettier than during the day. When I was walking through Granada’s streets I could feel some Arabic influences. Some shops were covered with leather products or other bric-a-bracs. It reminded me Morocco but with one exception that sellers were not as pushy as their compatriots.


To see the biggest attraction of the city Alhambra we waited till Sunday (Paulina got two free tickets for us).

You can enter the castle only at indicated time and when you already entered the castle you can stay there till it’s closed. Having two free hours we went to see the olive groves located between Alhambra and cemetery. The panorama of the city could be also admired from this point.
The castle is just stunning. First time in my life I was so amused. The ornaments, columns, atmosphere, the view of the city, fountains, gardens knocked my eyes down. Something simply beautiful. Plenty of work and afford was left here. It is hard to even imagine how many people had to work here to make this place so stunning.

The castle is visited every day by 6600 people. It seems a lot but it is better to pre order the ticket online. All necessary information you will find there. The part of the castle can be visited for free and you need to enter via Puerta de Justica. Do not let the local gypsies to spoof you with the rosemary and in the worst case they will put a spell on you. We have experienced their ‘magic’ but we survived :).

On our way back we were a bit lost so without even planning such scenario we visited the second part of the city: P (our guide Paulina was not with us).

The one who have not seen Grenada is seen nothing

During the whole staying the weather was very nice but unfortunately it got worst on the last day. We did not provide the last day actively. In the morning after the breakfast we were not in a mood of going anywhere. The only things that we had to do were sending a package for Paulina’s friend and packing of our belongings as we had to go back in the evening.

There is one Spanish saying; ‘The one who have not seen Grenada is seen nothing’ in my opinion is not exaggerated. It was a mix of the Moorish architecture and the Andalusian tradition makes the city to be unique.

I hope that I will come back there one day.

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