Spring in the Suwalki region


Spring in the Suwalki region

This year I had the opportunity to spend a few days of spring at home. In the spring there are not many tourists yet, the evenings are cool, so there is an excuse to have a fire camp or meet friends in the sauna :).

During the day, if you are lucky and the weather is good, you can go hiking, kayaking or do a sailing license. The sailing license requires more time, but I think it is worth doing and I hope that I will succeed one day :).

I am ashamed to admit that, but when I lived so close the lake for so many years, I was not even thinking of completion this license – it’s good that at least I learned how to swim and I do not fall out from the canoe :). However, If anyone, had more motivation than me, he can do the sailing license in one of the water clubs located nearby the bank of the Wigry Lake. As a local patriot, I recommend the Hańcza Water Club located in the village Stary Folwark :).



In the Wigry National Park there are many trails (both walking and cycling), which can be wandered regardless of the weather – all you need is the will and time :). I planned to go around the Wigry Lake, about which I had written earlier. Unfortunately, I have always been fragile with time and probably with the will, because I did not manage to cross it yet – but I hope that everything will come soon :).

I did not have any longer walk or something of this kind but at least I met my family and friends at the sauna and by the fire camp. We were also sailing and kayaking.

This is how spring in the Suwałki region looks like in my eyes :). Holidays have they own rules :).

I invite you to watch the video.

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KeviVQY5lvs%5B/embedyt%5D


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