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I have visited Dublin many Times. Unfortunately my visits were rather short. Despite the limited time I had I was always trying to see as much that I was able too. There are some so called ‘must see’ points of the city.

Jameson’s distillery

During my last staying I decided to see the Jameson’s distillery. Since long time whisky was not produced there but the museum shows the process of making whisky in a very nice way. My visit there lasted for about 2 hours and in the end it was rewarded with the alcohol degustation ( it was included in the ticket’s price – 15 pounds).

The Dublin Castle

The Dublin Castle was the headquarter of the kings and now there is also a museum. As in many similar places many of the unique furniture and paintings are there. On many Internet websites I have found the information that they should be definitely seen. I personally think that if you have as much free time that it is worth to go there. Everything depends on what do you like and what the weather is outside. If it is raining it is a nice place where you can wait for the weather conditions to be better. The ticket is 4.5 euro.

The city centre

The city centre was full of the pubs, restaurants, shops and shopping malls. The churches were hidden between them all. By the way there are as many of the churches there as the one of them was changed into the pub. I mean the ‘Temple Bar’. This place attracts many tourists. I was tempted as well and honestly saying it did impress me. It was the pub as many others. The exterior may shock many people but for me it was not any special. Small, dark, frousy pubs have more charm I think.

Guinness’ factory

I was not able to see anything more during one day.
During my previous visits I have also seen the Guinness’ factory (the ticket was not something that we can call cheap but in the end all visitors are given the pint of the beer – it is always cheering me on). The museum shows the process of manufacturing and the history of the brewery. The main point of visiting the brewery is the glass, rotary tower from where the nice panorama of the city is visible. It was so nice to drink a pint of Guinness and see beautiful views. The ticket cost 20 pounds.

A good viewing point is also ‘Bray Head’.

Cliffs of Moher

One of the places that should be seen is Cliffs of Moher. It is about 3 hours driving from the capital. It is one of the well-known places in Ireland always full of the tourists. The walk along the edge (in a safe distance of course) with beautiful views made very good impression on me.
In Dublin there are also some other places where it is nice to go for instance Phoenix Park or St. Patrick’s Cathedral. I am thinking to visit them for the next time and I really hope that the weather will be nice. Always when I was in the city it was raining or snowing. I really hope that for the next time it will be sunny.

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