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In the evening 28th March the long awaiting moment came. It was obviously the next journey. The White Bear has started his new trip again.

First stage of the journey was the flight from Birmingham to Dublin. I did not have even the opportunity to have a short nap as I got there quickly.

A new challenge

I went out to see the city with 9 year old guide – the friends’ older daughter.
She showed me the city centre and later we went to the Dublin’s Zoo.
It was hard to conform to the nine year old girl to be your guide but I had to as she knew the city better than I did :D.

By the way she informed me that she doesn’t agree to show her in the video on my blog :).

Dublin’s Zoo

Dublin’s Zoo is one of the oldest objects of this kind in Europe. It is located in the city centre and its’ territory is 28 h. The Zoo is opened 363 days during the year. You can check the schedule on the Zoo’s website.

We have been exploring the Zoo for about 5 hours. Is the weather is nice you can spend there even the whole day. During our walk it was a bit chilly and not every animal was outside. Despite the weather it was very nice and pleasant walk. I am not sure who was more excited and happier – me or my quide Dominika. The little monkeys and seals were sensation. Unfortunately we have not seen the Red Panda but maybe next time – I have a reason to go back there :).

The price of the tickets:

  • Adults – €18
  • Children – €13.50
  • Children below 3 years old – the entry ticket is for free
  • Seniors – €14

Good blood pudding is not bad

During the conversation in the evening that I had with my friends different matters were talked about. We talked a bit about my journeys and my blog as well. As you already may have noticed there are thousands of various blog existing in the Internet. I was advised to create or do something that will make my blog unique and recognizable among the other blogs focused on travelling.

These are two ideas that made me laugh 😀 :

Preparing the blood pudding in a different places in the world – at least it would be tasty for me 😀 ; or making two handsprings in every visited place. It would a bit challenging as I cannot imagine myself doing it seriously :). I am really thinking about making these two ideas real, why not. Maybe one day :D.

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