When Polish met Inuit and Hong Kong lady.


Before I went to Greenland I was thinking about visiting the workshops of the local artists. Surprisingly my plans have been gratified.

Irene Thor Jeremiassen

Irene Thor Jeremiassen is an artist who currently lives and creates her art in Ilulissat. I have found her art in the lulissat Art Museum. I was so curious and interested by her pictures though I am not any connoisseur or any specialist in this domain but everybody has its’ own tasty that I respect.

I send her a message as I really wanted to meet her. She answered me back and we arranged a meeting. Polly, the girl from Hong Kong was accompanying us. I have met Polly on her first day in Greenland. She was so interested so she was lead of the whole conversation.

During the conversation Irene expressed her opinion about some crucial matters that were rankling Polly and I really think that the most of Polish citizens as well.

Please feel free to watch the video from our meeting and to express your own felling about it.

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