Viva España part 3 Madrid



The night Alsa ‘s bus we have got to the bus station in Madrid. We were quite tired and in a metro we went to the Era hostel. Unfortunately it was 7 a.m. and nobody opened the door for us. We wanted only rest for a while in the reception. In this case I am forced to put it among the disadvantages of this hostel. We did not have much choice so we went to the city centre with our pack packs. We got out at the station Sol (Puerta del Sol). The Sun was rising, the dark atmosphere were all around, the streets were still empty – all Madrid were just for us :).

Plaza Mayor

We walked to the Plaza Mayor and unfortunately the part of the façade was partly covered. The renovation works were taking place. Our sightseeing was interrupted by the falling rain. We hide at the nearby McDonald’s. After having a tea and waiting for 30 minutes the weather was getting better. We decided not waste our time and go out again. Finally we were standing next to the ‘Plaza de la Armeria’. From the left side there was the Cathedral ‘de la Almudena’ and from the right the Royal Castle. I could guess that in front of me there was a view to the Campo del Moro but everything was covered with the construction site security fence.

Nearby there was a place called ‘Jardines de Sabatini’. The garden, fountains and the view to the palace. Next we decided to see the ‘Plaza de Oriente’ and we went along the ‘Teatro Real’. If you turn left as we did you can get to the ‘Plaza de España’. Everything was pretty and nice but our morals got to minimum as we were very tired. It was 11 o’clock and we decided to go back to the hostel to have a rest with hope that now somebody will let us in. The registration started 12 p.m.

At the hostel

We were allowed to get in and have a rest but our registration started 12 o’clock not earlier even if we were waiting for 30 minutes and the formalities could have been completed much earlier. I have never had similar situation before. The hostel was very tidy but without the atmosphere. Maybe my attitude was bad I am not sure. The quick shower and short nap gave us a new lease of life. Our state of being was much better since. We also had rich diner that made it all even better (hot dog sausages, baguettes and olives- we have been eating at the pubs all the time) and we were ready to re start the journey.

Parque del Retiro

The next aim was Parque del Retiro. First we found a nice place ‘Real Jardin Botanico’. It was October and there were no a lot of flowers in this garden – at least blooming ones. In addition the hothouse was closed because of the renovating works. I think that this place must be very beautiful in May. The entry ticket was 3 euro per person.

When we finished walking along the botanic garden our next stop was El Retiro Park. It was very big and for free. Palacio de CristalEstatua del Ángel Caído , Palacio de Valazquez and Monumento de Alfonso XII. It was a pleasure walking in the sun but in fact it was not hot.

At 7 o’clock in the evening we decided to come back to the hostel’s surroundings to eat something. We entered the place ‘100 montaditos’. It is a chain where the prices are affordable (they start from 1 euro). There are sometimes some discounts. What else I can tell? The food is nice and Tinto is even better 🙂 At this pub you could buy beer without having a snack. After the dinner we went to the hostel in order to finish packing our things.


Metro was available since 6 a.m. If you go to the airport the prices differ than for the usual tickets. I was hoping that we will be able to go out from the station using the tickets that have left (10 times passes). Unfortunately we had to buy another tickets for 3 euro each. We spent 40 minutes to get to the airport.

We had 1 day to see Madrid and I think that we see quite a lot. There is always need to see more as there is always something more to be seen, always. Now we have hope to see the city one more time one day.

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