Viva España part 1 Barcelona



After a long time of waiting to my desired holidays I finally the time has come.
This feeling when you go to the airport and you know that in a few hours you will be in a different country, in the different climate. Surrounded by different people and culture. It is a mixture of happiness and fun. I had 10 days to explore Spain. My first checkpoint was Barcelona. This time I went for a trip with the companion – with my sister.

Although the whole journey was planned since long time due to the lack of time I did not have a minute to read something more about the places I wanted to see. I wanted to catch it up during the flight but unfortunately by the accident the guide book was left in the car :D. Not really prepared we got out in Barcelona.

Our adventure has started. Luckily for us the tourist information at the airport was very detailed. We have been given the map of the city center, the underground’s map and straight away we bought 3 days Transport Passes. Unlimited metro and buses rides. It is also possible to go on this type of the ticket to the airport. The price 20.50 euro. Barcelona surprised me from the very beginning of its’ good orderliness.

Be Mar Hostel

After short researches how to get to the hostel we finally got to the Be Mar Hostel. I did not expect good conditions but to my surprise it was clean, spacious, the dining room was big, there was also a living room (an open space), a lot of bathrooms and free access to the computers. The bed in the room for 16 people costs 9.90 per day.

La Rambla

We have left our lugagges there and we went for a short walk. Nearby the hostel in the center of Barcelona there is a street La Rambla – it is one of the most crowded and popular streets in the city. Going along La Rambla we got to the Catalan Square. After few hours of walking on our way back we run into La Boqueira street. This place was full of fresh vegetables, fruits, juices, meat and fish. The colorful giddy. We tried some fruits cocktails there. I really advise you to try the coconout and banana one – simply delicious!

In the evening we met our friend from the village were all of us were growing up. She was living there since few weeks as she was a part of students exchange. The time was passing on talking and eating Paella and wine drinking. Paulina also told us what is worth to be seen.

Guell Park

Firstly we decided to go to the Guell Park – this place is like from farytale. The Catalan architect Gaudi had very rich imagination. The entrance ticket was 7 euro. Around the area where all were allowed to be in condition of having the tickets there were also free zone. Climbing upper we got to the Cross of the Guell’s park. The panorama of the city from this point was stunning.
The second point of the day was widely famous Sagrada Familia. We did not enter (the tickets were already sold out so it is good to book them few days ahead online). Despite this fact I must say that the veneer of the sanctuary impressed me. The amount of tourists around is insane. The long queue to the entrance and all around.

The third point of the journey was Casa Batllo. It is another piece of Gaudi’s work that enraptured me. The front of the building has wavy shape and a lot of stone and glass elements can be found on it. The entry is not for free so we decided not to enter the exteriors.
Moving between the main places that we wanted to see we also could have seen many of interesting places. I mean some monuments, beautiful fountains, the Grande Cat etc.

The whole day of sightseeing has finished at the Magical Fountains. We got out at the Espanya station. Nearby the les Arens square is located. Paying one euro you can go by the lift on the roof top from where the view on the whole Espanya square , Fira de Barcelona and on the Magical Fountains and the National Palace can be admired. When we got to the fountains it turned out that half of them were being renovated so they were not working and showing their charm. Despite this fact the view in general was very nice.

Camp Nou

About 10 o clock we went to get to the Camp Nou statdion. We got there using metro. The route was signified very clearly and even without the map you should be able to get there. The queue was quite long but it was moving quite fast. The ticket costs 23 euro. The viewing lasted for about 2 hours. The museum was interesting and I think that all ‘Barca’ ‘fans will find something nice for them. What I liked the most was the stadion and the commentator’s seats. Very good view to the football ground, comfortable seats and what is more the sounds of enthusiastic commentators form all of the world can be heard. There was also Polish one :).

Triumphal Arch

The triumphal arch was the next place where we have been. There we could see and hear another Polish element but not as pleasant as the one on the stadium. Some of Polish squatters. The ladies and gentleman who were earning some money for bread and wine by blowing soap bubbles.

We did rest a bit next to the triumphal arch and the idea to go to the beach came up. I was not paying much attention on the surrounding people – I was more interested in animals than human beings. My sister has better sight that I have , I guess as on our way to the beach she stopped me and said: Hey, Did you see him?. I replied: Who?? I did not receive any answer as she was already walking toward him. It turned out that she noticed the Disco Polo star Radek Liszewski from the band ‘Weekend’. The hit ‘She dances for me’ knows everybody who lives in Poland at the moment I am truly convinced. What is the funniest part of this situation in Poland we lived very close to each other. I have never seen him before, I have never been to his concert but I know few songs. It was surprising and unexpected.

All of us started laughing and we continued the walk to the beach. It was not very hot, the strong wind was blowing so the walk finished quite early on eating juicy burgers and drinking beer in the restaurant.
We spent the evening at the hostel resting and preparing ourselves to the yesterday’s departure. Our next station was Grenada.

We were travelling using mainly the underground. We has fully spent our 3 days tickets. The transport chain is very widespread and signified very clearly. For my it was possible to travel in Barcelona than in Warsaw – something like two lines only I know but I never know what is going on there, seriously :P.

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