The white bear in the Illusat


B&B Gisel

The taxi driver took me to the designated address to the B&B Gisel in Ilulissat. There was no any trade sign visible around so just in case I indicated the address pointing at it with my finger. He only confirmed it by nodding so I got out from the car. I had number for another taxi driver in case if the address could have been incorrect.

Blue, wooden house turned to be my lodging. The owner was surprised that I came. To resolve her doubts she called her husband. She showed me everything in the house first and next she let me in. It was my room for the next 8 days.

The conditions were very good. The place was very clean and neatly. The kitchen and bathroom was to be shared with the owners but it was not problematic for me at all.

Except the good live standards there was one hitch. The Internet was payable, unfortunately – 50 DKK for 2 hours. Eventually, I considered that it may be the advantage of the whole situation. I could have focused on the tasks that should be done except of doing and watching some stupid videos etc. I had to be quick while doing all of it, I was also informing my family that
I am still alive. What is the most important I could have listened to the music. The music is the factor that keeps me alive, I just love it.

The SD cards

The same as during the rest of my trips I was missing the cheese now being on Greenland I was missing music the most. From time to time to amuse myself I was listening some lively songs.
Unfortunately I did some mistakes associated with the music’s storage. Summing up I dropped the ball while using media storages incorrectly. One of the oldest cards SD where all my music was copied broke during the camping. I suspect that it was caused by the high humidity in my sleeping bag and the frost later on ( to protect my battery from losing the energy for the most of the time I was keeping it in my jacket very close to my skin, even when I was sleeping). Except the music I have lost a lot of the material from the camping, I mean some photos and videos. So now I am lamenting a bit.

However I was able to draw some conclusions from this situation. Now my music is storage on two SDHC cards (this SD cards have higher capacity and the highest so called 10 standard). What is more the problem with my slow phone resolved. Few weeks before the trip has started my smartphone started to be extremely slow. I just thought that it was caused by the phone’s limited memory, but the removal of unnecessary files did not expose any positive effects here. After the breaking on the island and the change of the SD cards my phone started working again. Now I am smarter, the higher standard and better speed of pictures recording. I suggest to all of you to swap the SD card of the standard 2,4 and 6 to 10. Please do not learn from your experience, just trust me as you may lose some nice pictures and files during the trip. I can promise the difference will be visible.

The disco is playing…

I thought that it would be nice to grab a beer in the local pub. I was hoping to meet some interesting local people with whom I will go for some trip on the next day.
Honestly saying I am a shy guy so I did not talk to anybody. Admittedly one of the waitresses came to me but she did not speak English, I do not know Danish so we were not able to talk. Unfortunately she did not want to join me and sit with me. Eventually, the second waitress explained that the first one wanted only inform me about the charge for the concert that was starting shortly at 11 o clock p.m. It was first situation in my life when somebody told me so.
Even though the pub was not crowded before 11 I decided to stay a bit longer and see what will happen.

There were 5 guys on the scene. They were playing quite nice I should admit. I did not understand even one single word as they were singing in Greenlandic and Danish, but music is still music. It has its’ own charm. More people started coming to the pub but I was not in the mood to stay there longer. I had to wake up early in the morning to plan some entertainment for me and the hangover never helps.

The food hunting

Two weeks being on Greenland and except myself grilled seal I have not tried any local food. I had to change it immediately. Before the midday I went to the only opened place where the dishes made of reindeer and musk oxen meet were served. I decided to try the second one – the musk ox. Its’ taste and looks was similar to the beef. If I received the same dish in Europe and I was not told what is that I would not see the difference. To be honest it was not anything extra cool but on the other hand it was free ranged and stodgy.



World of Greenland

I am guessing it is the biggest travel agency in the Qaasuitsup region. I went to the office and there was a little surprise for me as it was closed on Saturdays and Sundays. It was Saturday at that time. In this case I changed my plans a bit and I booked the trip to the iceberg. All other agencies were also closed. It was so great… two days of waiting…

I was improvising and I went to the port. I noticed two fishermen so I asked them if it is possible to go fishing with them. They agreed. We shared the phone numbers and we set the time of meeting and the price. It did cost me 200 DKK per whole day. In comparison with the cost that was given by the local agencies it was low price.

The museum in Ilulissat

After first try of seeing the museum in Sisimiut (it was closed) I did not suppose that I will have a chance to see the museum in Ilulissat. The second surprise has arrived. It was opened. Hurray. I watched read a little bit and I became smarter: p It was very interesting place all devoted to the Knuda Rasmussena; Greenlander and Danish traveller and also ethnographer who was discovering Greenland.

My first days on Greenland were not so entertaining but it was just the beginning.

Expences in DKK:

  • 300 – 2 wines as my word of thanks to Jonas and Nielsa
  • 141 – taxi to the Sisimiut airport
  • 20 – hot chocolate
  • 142 – taxi lotnisko Ilulissat – B&B Gisel
  • 5200 – 8 night in the B&B
  • 180 – 4 beers at the pub
  • 60 – the concert ticket
  • 250 – the diner at the Caffe Inuit – musk ox
  • 60 – 2 museum tickets
  • 15 – the museum’s brochure
  • 18 – water
  • 50 – Inetrnet

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