The White Bear comes back to Nuuk


The way back to Nuuk

I came back from Sisimiut to Nuuk in a ferry. The last week of my staying on Greenland started. The only attraction that I planned was visiting the museum for the second time and meeting with the previously known people. Additionally I had to buy some small gifts :).



The ‘Inuk Design’ workshop

In order to gather some material for my blog I went to the ‘Inuk Design’ workshop but unfortunately the owner had a guest at the time some I had to wait till she finishes. I was hoping to get some new interesting facts from her.

Unfortunately Liss Stender (the owner) for the next few days did not have time for me but do not be afraid I had an opportunity to talk with her. I will be writing about it in a new post as our conversation lasted for 40 minutes and I did a lot of videos. For now I just mention that she did not have time and the lack of planes turned into lack of time. After short conversation with Liss at the workshop I met Gua – she was the guest who was talking with the workshop’s owner when I came.

One thing led to another and together with a new friend of mine we went to have a diner. She comes from Italy and she came to Greenland for business purposes. She was collecting paintings and different artistic works. Next she was indexing them and sending to Italy. Finally sent pieces of art were prepared for the exhibitions by Imago Mundi team.

I got three benefits. Firstly ‘primo’ I could meet new interesting person. Secondly ‘primo’ she invited me to Madrid and thirdly ‘primo ultimo’ because of her connections I visited one more workshop and Kofoeds Skole where homeless people or the ones who were not able to cope with the life could have something to eat or they had an opportunity to learn handicraft. The dancing classes were also taking place at the school and the participants could also use the computer.

As you can see on Greenland there are places where the most needed could receive help and there are people who want to help them. Some comments that can be found in the social media and conjecturing about the Greenlanders who have problems with the alcohol and suicides is not much helping and I do not think it should take even place. We should help and I have a piece of advice for some commentators to start changing the world from their own first.

Imago Mundi

Imago Mundi – The picture of the world; it is a painting collection with dimension 10×15 cm being collected from the different countries in the world. This project was started by Luciano Benetto who during his numerous journeys was collecting some paintings and art of the local artists. The small idea turned into big project that is still developing. The Imago Mundi has already collected works from 80 countries. After prior preparations and putting the works (paintings) to the special cabinets protecting them from the damage they are being sent to the different places in the world where they can be admired for free.

Imago Mundi is a cultural, democratic and geographical project that indicates new artistic borders in the name of the coexistence of the expressive diversity.
Luciano Benetto

Three musketeers

I would rather say two female musketeers and one guy (me). Polly joined to me and Guja who after visiting Ilulissat flight to Nuuk. During the last week three of us were walking, sightseeing and knowing our cultures :).

One interesting thing that I shared with Polly was one Polish saying ‘Cink, ciank, cionk – portfel wsiąkł’ (in English it means that you lost your wallet and the beginning of this sentence is quite similar to some Chinese words but all of them are Polish). Polly explained that it sounds similar to the Chinese words ‘Ching, Chang, Chong’ and Chinese people could take it personally as it could be treated as a kind of racists insult.

It is similar with Italian word ‘Ciao’ what means ‘Hi’. Phonetically it sounds similar to the Mandarin Chinese word ‘Cao’ – kurwa in Polsih – in English – Fuck. It is good that I have not been in China yet and I am not Italian :).



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