The sweet taste of Morocco Part 2 – Marrakesh



After my breakfast with Eyna we got by the taxi to the railway station. The ticket cost 195 dirham for the 2nd class, the time we spent in a way – was about 8.5 hours. We were talking and observing the landscapes during the trip.

In Marrakesh we have been welcomed by the cooling rain. We caught the taxi and went to our hostels located in the city centre. The driver left me in 10 minutes was from the hostel as he was not able to drive into these narrow streets (Eyna had to walk a bit further).

Straight away I was met by the young and ‘helpful’ Moroccan guy who was offering his guidance service. I politely refused. I directed myself towards the street leading to the Jemaa El Fna square. My ‘tour guide’ was walking behind me. In a one minute he was next to me in another second behind me. I have been telling him for a few times that I do not need his help but he was not disaffected and he was still walking with me. He explained that he was doing this by his own will… :D. He showed me a turn into the side street – it was a good advice actually as I found myself next to the Hostel Riad Marrakech Rouge. Guess what… he started asking for the money… After a short argument (he was screaming and I was answering normally I gave him 10 dihrams. He started screaming even lauder explaining that this amount is offensive. I was very confused. I opened the hostel’s door without any idea what I could expect. I was waiting few more minutes before I finally entered. I did not have a pleasure to meet this guide boy again.

The hostel Riad Marrakesh Rouge

The hostel Riad Marrakesh Rouge is very big and at the first moment it was hard to figure out what was where. There were few levels, few wings, and some stairs leading up or to the sides. Everything was retained in the oriental style. The light was bedimmed; there were also some ignited candles. In general there was pleasant and relaxing atmosphere. The bed in a room for 20 people costs 58 dihrams per day.

I completed all formalities related to my staying. After heaving the tea that was sweeter than the honey I went to the main Square Jemaa el Fna. Crowds of people, a lot of market stalls and stands with the food. The vipers were slithering, the monkeys were jumping, and the sound of the orchestra could be heard as well. I need to confess that it was very colourful and let’s say sumptuously. The food was amazing, very tasty. First time in my life I ate goatish meat. Everything was attracting me with its colours. You can also buy freshly squeezed juices but unfortunately sellers dilute them and add more sugar.

The Kutubijja Mosque

After a few portions of goatish meat and the tea I went to the Kutubijja Mosque. It was demolished and rebuilt at the same place as the toilets were pointing in the wrong way (the direction where the Muslims pray). I glanced on the whole building and the nearest foundations, I contemplated for a minute and came back to the main square.


It was 8 o clock p.m. and there were a lot of people around me. I was walking towards Souk. The goods were finely put on the show windows or hanged outside the shops encouraging passing by people to buy them. I visited few of them to admire the compositions. Some of the salesmen were trying to stole my attention waving from the distance and screaming ‘Good morning or Poland’ 🙂 . It was very interesting as I did not have any flag of Poland visible on me or my rucksack and I was not saying anything. In my understanding I have characteristic for Polish people facial features :). I decided not to go anywhere that was far away as it was late already. I did not want to lose my way as well. It was the time to come back to the hostel, to have a rest and prepare myself to departure.


Six o’clock I ate the hostel’s breakfast (the same as previously it was included at the price. The tea/coffee, pancakes, sweet bun.
At 7 a.m. I went out to find the main of transport. It was very quiet on the streets. Finally I got to the taxi stop next to the mosque and after 20 minutes I was next at the airport. The departure procedure was very similar to the one I had when I entered the country. You need to fill out the form (it is good to have the address of the hostel where latest you have been as they ask about it in this form). The passport control and my time to say goodbye to Morocco has come.

I spent there only 3 nights and I did not know much about this place. What is more my first impression was slightly bad. Although after a while I changed my mind and I would like to see this place again. I feel need to go there for the second time and I will plan my journey more efficiently. In the end everybody learns form their own mistakes, is not it?

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