The Nepal thousands scents Part 2 Lumbini


The birthplace of Buddha

It is a small village with big complex of temples. One of them was a place where Buddha was born. The tourists are spotted straight away by the local taxi drivers (the same as it was at Kathmandu’s airport). Together with the Dutch girl we have been offered to get the place in a hostel for 300 rupees per person. The electricity, hot water, Wi-Fi, garden plus free taxi transport to the hostel. The offer sounded nice. The room as it was promised existed but in fact it was stinky, without the electricity, hot water, Wi-Fi and the beautiful garden was like a dumpsite.

I am not peaky and I could stay there but from the other hand if I was going to pay at least I would require the electricity. The fact was that I just flew from the Europe and I did not use to the lack of it. Luckily for me the Dutch girl was peaky and despite 3 weeks of being there she was more addicted to the comfort than I was.

We have changed the hotel to the better one ‘Lumbini Guest House’. The hot water, the electricity, the Internet and the MOSQUITOES. We were fighting against them for the whole night. We have been utterly lost. The injuries – 46 bites on the left hand and I am not even counting the rest spots on my body. In the morning we changed the hostel again to the ‘Lumbini Village Lodge’. Single room costs 650 rupees. The meshing on the windows and the hostel’s Staff was spraying the rooms with the insecticide measure.

World Peace Pagoda

After unpacking about 12 p.m. we went out to the city. It was hot and nice. The entry ticket to the temples’ complex is free but the donation for the temples maintenance is more than welcomed. After an hour Linda decided to go back and rent a bike. I was walking alone along the canal still looking at the World Peace Pagoda. It was further than it may seem. Because of the weather and finishing water I was not able to see everything. Totally exhausted I came back to the hostel.

Red hornet

In the morning I rent a bike. After talking down finally I was given the ‘Red hornet‘ for 100 rupees per day. This time I was equipped better than yesterday. I had water and positive attitude and I went to the WPP (World Peace Pagoda). I got there fast (I advise you to rent two wheels driven by pedals or engine). I took some pictures and I had a rest on the bench next to the basin with beautiful lilies. Next I came back to the temples’ complex to finish yesterday’s sightseeing.

There is only one main road in Lumbini and all bigger hostels and restaurants are located next to it. Except the temples’ complex there is not much to see. There are a lot of mendicants very impudent and even aggressive. It is better not to give anything to them as later it would be hard to run away from them. I have spent there 3 nights and I think that was totally enough. I have seen for sure most of the temples but I am still not sure if I have seen all of them.

The mistakes committed during the trip

During my ride from one place to another I made the first logistic mistake. From Lumbini I was able to go to Chitwan or Pokhara straight away but I left my bigger luggage in Kathmandu and that is why I have lost one day to take it back from the capital. The way lasted 11.5 hours (the change of the broken wheel and the storm that turned the roads into the rivers delayed the trip. The ticket was bought for 850 rupees and my memories are unforgettable and they were worth their price).

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