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The flight to Sisimiut

The hosts of the B&B Gisel usually were quite lukewarm with a gloomy faces but when I was saying goodbye they hugged me very friendly. I was surprised and it was nice for me.
During my few days staying Mona was calling me Aalisartoq (fisherman) and I as the part of retaliation was calling her Mona Lisa. Hans was called the same – just Hans and sometimes Mona was calling him Hansi. They were trying to convince me to stay here and became a fisherman. What is more I should find myself a Greenlandic wifeJ. Sometime sI would like to make such a spontaneous decision: leave everything behind and do not think about the consequences, start everything from the beginning in a new place. It is only a pity that still I do not have as much encourage as it requires.

At the airport

When I was flying to Ilulissat I wanted for my flight to be cancelled as I really wanted to stay at Kangerlussuaq. That time everything at the airport went smoothly, unfortunately. It was made up as my flight to Sisimiut was delayed. At the beginning it was delayed for an hour. After the next 2 hours all passengers were informed that the flight is cancelled. All of waiting people were also informed that the airlines will assure the hotels and the food. The transport to the hotels was also provided. We had to wait another1,5 hour for the drivers but everybody can be sometimes late, Am I right?:P. I am not moaning of course I am just indicating the advantages of travelling. When you look at the pictures everything looks fine but from the other side it is not always true. I think that all travellers know that.

The flight to Sisimiut

The additional day was not something that I wanted to receive as I did not have much to do here at the last day of being here. In fact I met Polly with whom I could spend some time but after few hours at the airport and cookies overeating (I had only them with me as everything at the airport was closed) I did not go to the city (hotel was located about 1.5 km from the centre).

The Arctic hotel

We were given rooms at the 4 star Arctic hotel. It was a nice place with the view to the Icefjord where you can easily spend all of your savings. Except the rooms we could also use metal, heated igloos with better view of the city and fjord.

For the first time I had an opportunity to stay in a hotel of this kind. Firstly I was very excited but very quickly my excitement went down. Honestly there was nothing extraordinary in this place. It was very clean I must admit, the food was also tasty and the Internet was for free. If I had to pay for it by myself for sure I would not stay here.

I would not pay so much money for this. I prefer spending my savings for different pleasures or rather keep them for a new journey. Honestly saying form every trip I come back as a poor guy and maybe one day I will come back with some money, who knows :).
The day was not fully lost. The dogs, so called ‘models’ and beautiful views saved it.

‘I do not live in an igloo’

I have been writing about Adam Jarniewski few times already but if the events on my blog are described chronologically I need to write something about our meeting.
This time we had more time and we had not had to pull out the car from the deep snow.
I have met him at his own house and trust me guys that in fact he does not live in an igloo. The conditions are not worse than the ones presented in the European houses. The one major difference is that the view from the Greenlandic house is stunning. You can admire the rocks and the Sea.

Adam is an author of the book ‘I do not live in an igloo’. He describes his life on Greenland and some information related to Intuits people.

Face expression

Below I present how the misunderstanding of their habits led me to the wrong conclusions.
First week of my trip I spent at the Denis’ house. He was a Greenlandic student. I noticed that quite often during our conversations he was lipping and raising his eyebrows. I thought that there was something wrong with him as I was talking directly to his face and he was just doing what I had mentioned above. Later I thought that maybe this is how he behaves and I stopped paying attention to it but still I did not understand it.

From the book I also learned that the Greenlanders are teasing. They rather use short sentences, gestures or sounds. The raising of the eyebrow in this case could mean approval or just ‘Yes’. It was not Denis’ fault that I did not know about it. It was caused by completely different lifestyle and growing in a different environment.

It is very simple example but the simple conclusion may be attached to it; if something is not understandable for us in a different culture may be totally different and common.

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