Sightseeing flight in Ilulissat


At the travel agency visited one of the biggest travel agencies ‘World of Greenland’.

  • Their April’s offer was as follows:
  • The ride in the dog sled
  • The boat cruise between the ice bergs
  • Trekking
  • The snow scooter
  • The helicopter’s flight

It was not the best offer but considering that I already had a ride in the dog sledge and I spent two days on the boat with the fishermen floating between the ice bergs and the helicopter flight was not possible as during my staying the helicopter was broken I have chosen the sightseeing flight.

The sightseeing flight

In the next agency I have discovered another entertainment – the flight in the light aircraft above Icefjord –it was an interesting option to spend the time. I have not been watching the icebergs from the top yet. New problem appeared. To be a part of such a flight there should be minimum 4 participants involved. The price was not low – 2750 DKK for 1hour (about 1550 zlotys).

I had to consider it very carefully. So much money for such a short pleasure. From the other hand being on Greenland and did not see it from this perspective was stupid.


Waiting few days for an answer from the pilot I went for a walk on the nearest trail. The path was trampled down, very good tabbed, and the snow was tough – I was not falling in. Despite the fact that after first trekking I was saying to myself that without snowshoes I am not going anywhere, encouraged by good conditions I was on the track on the next day.

In the morning I had very tasty breakfast, I took some tea in my thermos, a fruit from Mona and I was ready to go. The first hour was a piece of cake, problems started s bit later. After a while I started filling in to the snow. Half of me was hidden deeply in the snow layer. To help myself and get out from this situation I was forced to go on my knees but I was filing in to the snow again. I decided to go back.

The view on the Icefjord was beautiful but next time for sure I am not going anywhere without the snowshoes.

Hong Kong Lady

I was going slowly; I was not rushing myself at all while I was going back from my walk to the place where I was accommodated. I saw the girl that was shacking because of the cold and she looked like the little Match Girl but without any matches in her hands obviously: P Asiatic features, big suitcase (a lot of it was filled to the brim with the instant soups and energising bars). She had a bobble hat but she did not suit to the winter vibes. I let her in and I made her a tea.

Polly as that was her name, the girl from Hong Kong has never seen any snow in her life before. I have seen for the first time the person who was so happy of seeing the snow for the first time ever. She was excited not only because of that: very tasty spread cheese and the bread. I asked her if they do not have similar products in Hong Kong, she said that of course that they have but not so tasty.

The sightseeing flight in the Icefjord

I have got the confirmation form the pilot that there are some people ready for the flight. Unfortunately I was informed that those people choose shorter and cheaper flight that I wanted to go, without the flight above the iceberg.

I was not truly convinced to take a part but you have one life only so I went with them.
I have been flying on smaller turbojet planes before but for the first time it was light aircraft. It was like a very small can for me. It is fine for short flights but for the distant ones I would not recommend it.
We have spent 30 minutes in the air and it was more than enough for this route. It was a pity that we did not have the possibility of seeing the iceberg.

Some expences in DKK:

  • 20 tea
  • 30 dessert
  • 103 the halibut with rice
  • 123 the dinner with the tea
  • 131 taxi to the city centre – the airport of Ilulissat
  • 1800 the sightseeing flight
  • 100 two little beers
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