Rabka Zdrój – some like it hot…

As the tittle suggests this text can be treated some like it hot…

Instead of preparing myself to the next trip I am writing again haha 😀 On the other hand I need to use my free time as it is not much often when I am inspired. The Ryanair wanted to ruin my holiday but it did not work out. Poor Ryanair… 🙂 1:0 for Arek.

The initial holiday plan in Poland was as follows:

  • Bydgoszcz
  • Bieszczady
  • Family home – Suwalszczyzna

My flight was cancelled and I had to get to Poland by the car, so my trip was as below:

  • Rabka Zdrój
  • Bukowina Tatrzańska
  • Slovakia
  • Familly Home

I do not like not planned surprises and I would rather to have the scheduled plan but all in al lit wasn’t to as bad.

I had much support from my friends while I was trying to organize the car transport and accommodation.

I am glad that I am surrounded by such a nice people :).

Rabka Zdrój

I stayed at my friends from Suwalki for free. They lived in the cottage that had been rented for them by the company they were working for. It would be a pity not to use this opportunity. I was not planning going there but if things are going to be ruined the improvisation is required.

In the morning I felt very bad and I quickly went to the salt graduation tower to inhale some healthy air. It has not changed anything but at least I had a walk.

There is very old Polish tradition of greeting guest with the bread and salt. In Rabka this tradition is slightly different. Notably I was greeted by vodka so it was not bad haha. After 30 hours in a plane I did not need much. I am not as powerful as I used to be 😛 I am getting old :).

When you have the hangover the best practise is to work

I do not know who created this saying but for sure should be banned for that.
Theoretically while travelling I am on holidays but recently more often I think that having a travelling blog is a constant work. I would like to have better and better materials and I hope that you can see a difference. Is not it?

Luckily nobody forces me to do so; I do it with pleasure for me and also for you – my followers. It is not as hard as regular work basis but sometimes I need to think – true, thinking is not my strong feature but sometimes may happen :).

The day was not full of activities. I was not in a mood to walk not because that there was so hot outside and not because I had hangover. Honestly except the spa there was not much to film in here.

So I sat down and had a dinner in a cafe ‘Zdrojowa’ (it is a café and restaurant). I had so long waited traditional pork chop, potatoes and salad. In England also you can have all of it: meat, potatoes and vegetables but trust me you miss Polish schabowy (pork chop). These things in Poland taste totally differently. In my opinion the fact that you are in your county land makes the food tasting better.

It is good that Poland put some flavour on schabowy because the food in this restaurant was so-so and the service was not nice as well. Arek went out to see some people and it turned out that some of them can be mean and unpleasant. I would not recommend this place for you guys.


[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zDp1xB67bQ0%5B/embedyt%5D


Rabka Zdroj does not have much to offer but there are many interesting places around this town.
A lot of hiking paths, the PTTK shelter, wood and fresh air. The weather was gorgeous.
Turbacz is 1310 meters high. It seems not much but not a single hill should be underestimated. I can tell from my experience that some mountains made me feel some muscles about existence I was not aware.

I went out, I took some pictures and as a bonus I injured my leg. I did not collapse or slippery. My left foot suddenly started being hurt. With every kilometre it was getting only worse. In the end of my trip I was barely walking. I barely go to the Maciejowa (the place of my accommodation).

The views from the top were not as breath-taking but walk in the wood was very pleasant despite the pain.

After return I started thinking what else will happen in a next few days. First thing was my cancelled flight, later my aching feet and it was only the second day of my holidays. Truly saying I was afraid what tomorrow may bring :).

The next day was even better… My foot was swollen and bruised and walking was a challenge. I was hoping that at least I will have some nice sunbathing. Since morning there was a thunder storm so as you may guess I was not much tanned.

In the afternoon I was rescued. My friends came and they took me to Białkia Tatrzańska. Luckily the trip was without any additional adventures.

The glass is always half full. The main thing is to have good attitude all of the time.
To be continued…

Greetings :).

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