Postcard White bear is looking for his roots

Photo Emilia Majewska


The postcard „White bear is looking for his roots” is a form of how I am expressing my appreciation to all people who supported me in my preparations to my trip to Greenland.

I would like to heartily thank to the author of the postcard’s project Olga Wielogórska for the time she has spent into that and for the smoked tea :). Without her support I would be lost and left alone with all of the graphics and staff, what could have resulted in lamentable, visual effects :).

I would like also thanks to Grzesiek from the GT Design, who dedicated his free time for the creation of the reverse side of the postcard.

I truly appreciate the honour patronage of the President of the Suwałki City and also for the Wigry National Park for taking care and supporting me in my trip.


I cannot forget the special media sponsorship from TVP3 Białystok and so called “Wrota Podlasia”.

On the other hand the “Larix”, the official representative of the brand Meind gave me a discount for the shoes Himalaya MFS – because of their generosity I was able to save some money :).

The company Relax from the Czech Republic that is owning brands Relax and R2 declaimed their support and I will receive the thermal underwear, gloves, glasses and all necessary accessories.
In march I will make a summary of the quality and my opinion regarding their products.


The postcards will be available in the Wigry’s museum in Stary Folwark, in the Tourist Information in Suwałki and also in the “Fresco” restaurant.

You can also be the influencer of this action. It is enough to share my website in the social media for what I am very thankful in advance :).


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