Philippines country of contrasts – summary





Santa Juliana

During the night I got stomach problems – it’s good that it happened the day before departure. I used some pills that contained coal for the first time during the trip. Now I know that I should not have been buying smoked fish at the market, especially when you are not aware for how long they have been laying there. In the morning I did not have any energy and good humor. However, at breakfast, Alvin offered me another attraction: San Guillermo Parish Church in Bacolor, Pampanga.

Despite the exhaustion I felt that morning, I did not think for a long time till the decision of going there had been already taken. I finished packing and I started the journey (I was leaving at 20 in the evening; there was also a lot of time yet). I got a wooden mask from the hosts when I was leaving :). A very nice gesture – especially that I did not expect it :). There was a small problem with packing it (I had a full backpack), but somehow I managed to push it into my luggage :).

Santa Juliana – San Guillermo Church

I reached Capas in a three-wheeler. As per Alvin’s request the driver put me to the bus in the direction of San Fernando. After an hour’s drive, I got off and grabbed another three-wheeler to San Guillermo.

The church was quite pleasant, 6 meters of the original structure was buried during the eruption of the Pinatubo Volcano in 1991. After all, the congregation has adapted it from the beginning and now the building is used as the temple.

The San Fernando route – San Guillermo ChurchClark Bus Station cost me 800 pesos. I made it in a three-wheeler. I was a little dehydrated and I was not in a mood to negotiate the price etc with the drivers and take two heavy backpacks.

The way to the airport

The route from Clark Airport takes 15 minutes. There are several options: of course, Taxi, you can also wait until a group of people is gathered and in this case you share the costs between all of you. The price is approximately 50 pesos per person for a ride by bus, there is also a Special Trip option with the same bus, so you get in and go – I do not know the price, but it is certainly adequate :). Three-wheelers apparently do not have access to the airport.

A small note about the Clark International Airport – you cannot enter the check-in hall without a boarding pass. It may surprise people who always receive a ticket when they dropping of their baggage – luckily I had a copy of the boarding pass and after digging it from the very bottom of
I asked the guard why it is this way he replied that that is the rule – you have to adapt.

Another surprise after sending the luggage was 600 Terminal Fee. My last money for food and souvenirs has been lost. I was not an isolated exception, many tourists were also surprised by what some had to go back to the check-in hall and withdraw cash.

Daily expenses in pesos:

  • 300 tricycle Santa Juliana – Capas
  • 75 bus Capas – San Fernandes
  • 800 three-wheeler San Fernandes – Bacolor – Clark Bus Station
  • 199 Jolebee – the last time: D
  • 50 Bus to the airport
  • 600 Fee Terminal


The summary will be short but informative :). The difficulty of traveling was nothing in comparison to what I experienced. For a month I visited 10 of 7107 islands :). I do not know how many kilometers I defeated, but it was a long journey. I do not know exactly how much I spent, but I do not regret a single peso :).

Impression about the Philippines was very positive. People I met were rather interesting and mostly friendly. Delicious food. Super weather (at least in the dry season). You could still name a lot of advantages about this place :). Most have already been described in the previous posts about the Philippines, and what has been untold can imagined :).


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