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Day 6.

In the morning on tricycle I got to the harbour ( it took me 10 minutes because it was already busy. In every bigger city there are massive traffics.

This time i have bought the ticket pointing it on the map and I checked twice if it is good or not.

I went  to Lorena about 13 o clock. I closed a  deal with a  driver and paying  200 pesos  I got to the Solangon. On my way I was offered a  rent of motorbike for 350 pesos. Finally I paid 250. In the city I stayed in a recommended hotel called  THE SYLVIA.

On my white horse like a knight I have found Monika and Marcin from They did not expected to see me as soon as I arrived to them.  We were texting before I got to the Philipines. They are  organise a travelling cinema every week, mainly because of money support from Poland. Sometimes they travel between islands.

I still had some free time before evening movie show so I decided to see a  LUGMASON FALLS . The waterfall did not shock me with its beauty maybe because it was raining. Later on I came back to meet Monika and Marcin and see their famous cinema.  Additionally I met another polish fellows Rafal Szukając przygody and Maciek Mali małe wędrowanie. Their organisation was very good so I was standing like a  watered poodle. The big group of children and adults have gathered in here. At the beginning the youngest group of viewers was shy to grab some drinks and popcorn but later everybody felt like home-happy and relaxed. People much appreciate that they have an access to the travelling  cinema in SIQUIJOR  which is so common thing in Europe.  Not many families can even dream  to have a  television , especially in the smaller villages.

More about that event you can read on Many additional information about trailblazer and the cinema itself can be found there. If you have some money to spend , please do not hesitate and support them incredible people in their actions, they deserve it-trust me :).

The atmosphere was incredible, we all had a  nice time. In the end viewers were thanking for that spectacle , even I was mistaken as one of them.

On the other hand some opponents were against of all of it. Why? Haters claim that sharing free popcorn and drinks with children is inappropriate. In my opinion it is worth to help on your own way, organising travelling cinema sharing colouring books, crayons or sweets. Everybody has his own vision of bringing help. Does not matter how, it  matters if we help. Instead of wasting time for criticism it is better to transfer that negative  energy for something helpful.

In the evening four of us we went to the BAHA BAR. The food was satisfied ( chicken + drik). Later we got to the CZAR BAR and first BALUT IN MY LIFE. I do ot really understand why do people are vomiting while eating this dish. Fine, maybe the content is not look too appetizing but ate least it does not stink. I expected odor from it but in fact it was  a normal boiled egg with the surprise inside. 100 days old Chinese egg tasted much worse than that and did not taste in any special way as well.

When CZAR been closed ( at 24 o clock the party finished) with Rafal and Maciek we went to the beach and we finished our meeting there.

Daily expenses in peso:

• 20- tricycle to the harbour TAGBILARAN

• 700- fairy from TAGBILARAN TO LARENA there is option with conditioner only

• 70 –havenage + luggage

• 160 breakfast in the harbour

• 200 tricycle LARENA –SLANGONO

• 600 – 2  days accommodation in THE SYLVIA

• 500 charge for the 2 days motorbike rent

• 135- 3 litres of the green fuel J

• 275 dinner and drink

• 30 balut

• 100 rum in the CZARA


At 8 o clock in the morning I took my laundry to the laundry room. All my clothes were smelled so badly. Hand laundering is not the same as automatic one and to be honest I was to lazy for it- I was on holidays. 10 o clock I walked to see the Longboard competitions but unfortunately that time they had 2  hours break. I did not want to wait so long so I went to see the Cabugsayan Fall. It was such a great fun and what is more – for free! Volunteer  John brought me to the place. He asked about everything-where do I from etc.  We were jumping to the water and we could also use the swing just above the water surface. It was ideal place for the whole day picnic. I had to pay for Johns volunteering. The next point on my list was LAZI.  The nice church but unfortunately my batter died and I do not have any photos from there.

I realised that I did not use the protective cream on me but it was too late. I was totally burnt. Run fast to the chemistry and I was able for the further discovering. Luckily the nice  refreshing breeze was blowing so I did not feel pain as much.

The next waterfall- CAMBUGAHAY. I went there alone as the way was very easy. Of course that I was jumping there too!  I did not use the swing as it was for money.

There is BANAYAV CAVE nearby- very small and tight. Undergrounds are not for me I guess. On my way back I did a  stop to watch Longboard competitions and I met Rafal and Maciek. All together decided to go for a  dinner and have  a traditional Philippine food: hamburger 😛 For dinner I went to the Dalahikan Grill Masters. I sat down by the table for 10 people. After  a while a Philippine family came to me. We had a  laugh when they tried to make  a marriage proposal with their absent friend and me.  It was a nice evening among positive and good people. I had many proposals of this kind but I decided to write an additional post about it.

On Saturdays in THE SYLVIA  there are parties with the live music. My curiosity led me there. Many people, lack of free sittings, it was a  struggle to get to the bar. I have met there my guide John. We had some beer and I went to sleep totally exhausted.

Daily expenses in peso:

• 64 for the breakfast

• 45 1 litre of the green petrol- just in case as the fuel gauge the same as meters did not work

• 10 for the parking space

• 20 guide’s tip

• 406 filter balm

• 10 parkig in the CAMBUGAHAY

• 50 the cave ( parking + entrance+ tip)

• 205 dinner

• 80 mango avocado garlic onion 6 small tomatoes

• 120 the supper – grilled chicken breast

• 110 San Miguel

Day 8

I supposed to have morning  photo shoot on the beach  but because of the sun burnt and illness ( Philippine  conditioning system was killing me ) and I was barely sleeping.  9 o clock I moved on Cangmunag. Aim was to see the longboard competitions, I wanted to catch u with the previous day and make some photographs. It supposed to start 9.30 but I fact it started10.30. Meanwhile I walked to see BALLET TREE. In its foot there was a concreted  tank with the Flesh nibiliny Fish– the name of the fish, quite strange but I found in the guide book ( fish spa). It is something new for me and so different and I really do not know how to comment that. To go there it costs 10 pesos, worth or not I do not really know. The best way is to find out yourselves.

Next stop-CANTABAN CAVE. Entrance 500 pesos for 3 people. I was alone so honestly I did not want to pay as much. Instead I went to the BANDILA-an Mon View Park. There are at least 3 entrances to the viewing point. The whole island is not clearly seen from the top but it is worth to go there anyway. On my way back by pure coincidence I popped into Butterfly Park which was small but I liked it  a lot, for sure more than the caves.

In the evening I said goodbye to the Polish people who live in Philippines. They are very nice people and I am glad that I have met them. I am quite jealous that they live in  a such beautiful place. I know that everything is a matter of choice but I am not sure for it yet. I only hope that in a few years everything  changes and I will be leaving in some, exotic place.

Daily expenses in peso:

• 90 6 litres of water

• 300 accommodation   in THE SYLVIA

• 70 FERRARI glasses as mine broke

• 280 protective balm – I was saving myself as I could

• 69 1.5 litre of beer

• 12 bananas for baking

• 10 Balete Tree

• 149 0.5 kg of lemons, mango, 0.6 kg of watermelon ,  6 bananas , 0.5 cherry tomatoes

• 255 diner in the Baha Bar– tasty 🙂

• 225 supper in the Dalahikan Grill Masters-very tasty 🙂

• 150 Gin & Tonic- all night long….


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