Philippines country of contrast – Ormoc & Biliran




It is not supposed to be like that!


From Sugbutel Hotel I went to Pier 1, where I caught OceanJet ferry to Ormoc.

Crossing the sea went without any problem. While I was landing in Ormoc I decide to go to Danao Lake, but unfortunately I couldn’t find any transport to that place. Tricycles were too weak to go uphill, taxis were too expensive for one person.

OCCC Hotel & Training Centre

Bit disappointed I went  to the OCCC Hotel & Training Centre. I am recommend that place as it have good standard, low prices and it is close to boulevard. If you decide to stay there over the weekend I suggest to book bed/room in advance as in days free of work there are many trainings and events. I was there in the middle of the week so I had all dorm for myself. This is a very good place if you want to charge your batteries – literally and figuratively.


I thought that in the city there are nothing interesting to see – at least nothing were mentioned in Lonely Planet guide.

There is bazaar! It was more than enough. First time I met so many kind people in one place. On every step people were questioning me where I came from etc.. They have been asking for a photo. Everybody was smiling and they had positive attitude.

Reward for not completed plan was a lot of laugh. Morale + 100%.

Daily expenses in peso:

  • 75 breakfast: 3 boiled eggs and fish soup
  • 500 ticket Cebu – Ormoc OceanJet
  • 25 terminal fee
  • 50 luggage
  • 200 2 magnets
  • 350 hostel
  • 37 water and cookies
  • 30 fish soup
  • 15 coconut juice
  • 10 popo or papo – something like muffin, baked in banana leaf
  • 32 6 middle size bananas



At the morning fresh and with positive attitude i went by bus to Naval.

I have been sleeping all way. When I arrived I wanted rent a motorbike in Naris (place described in Lonely Planet), unfortunately shop were moved and nobody couldn’t tell me where it is now – I didn’t want to lose more time for searching. Also it was hard to communicate in English – in few moments my hands were in pain.

I have started looking for a bed. I have been in few hotels, but most of them were way too expensive for me. I decided to stay in TJ Pension where I rented room for two without air condition ( it was cheaper than others hotels).

Standard of the room was average, but there was one big minus – it was very noisy.

Something for something, price was low.

I have left luggage in reception ( check in from 12) and with my habal-habal driver I went for a trip.

Trip included:

  • Tinago Falls – big and pretty waterfall
  • Mainit Hot Spring – very small place but with very hot water. Very crowded. Everyone was swimming in t-shirts. I wasn’t prepared for that and I didn’t want to ride around the island in wet clothes, so I just dabble my feet in the water.
  • Casiawan Waterfalls – also big and nice waterfall
  • Tumalistis Fall 315 steps + steep path on roots down
  • Naraviil Looc Boorwalk – bamboo concrete paths on the Sea. They have led to arbours. Place of resting Philippine families – perfect spot for resting.
  • Port Cabucgayau – it wasn’t in the plan, but I took advantage while we stopped for a water and I took few pictures of playing kids.
  • Biliran Bridge – bridge connecting Biliran with Ormoc


After trip I went to bazaar with hope that it gonna to be same as in Ormoc. It wasn’t the same atmosphere, but also in this time people were nice to me.

It was a lot of laugh: young girls thought that I was not hearing them, while they were saying ” Papa is in the house“, when I turned around they have been bit embarrassed, and all people around them started laughing increasing their confuse.


I have a very good memories from that island. It was hard to travel without own transport, but place it is worth to see. I didn’t met there many tourists, so if you would like to run away from crowds and see Philippines from different perspective go to Biliran Island – definitely  it is worth it.

Except places where i been, you can visit:

  • Sambawan Island – 20 minutesfrom Ol-og, or 40 minutes from Kawayan Port
  • Agta Beach Area – 30 minutes from Naval Bus Terminal
  • Bagongbong Falls – 30 minut from Almeria to Caucab, 15 minutes wallk along waterfalls
  • Ulan-ulan Waterfalls – 30 minutes from Almeria to Sampao, 30 minutes along water fall
  • Recoletos Waterfalls – 10 minutes from Ulan-ulan waterfall
  • Acaban Cave – 15 minutes ride from Calaba to border Acaban-Bool, 150 meters from motorway
  • Dapanas Cascades – 20 minutes from Culaba to Calipayan. 30 minutes trekking

These are directions from Tourist Information. I haven’t been there. If you want find out more visit:


Daily expenses in peso:

  • 130 bus Ormoc – Naval
  • 430 double room – cheapest option
  • 22 water
  • 144 soup with pork knuckle, 2 boiled eggs, rice, chicken in sauce i cola
  • 20 Tingao Fall
  • 10 Hot Sprinngs
  • 20 Naraviil Looc Boorwalk
  • 800 habal-habal driver for 6 hours
  • 200 grilled chicken
  • 85 avocado, 2 apples, 7 small bananas, mango
  • 42 2L water


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