Philippines country of contrast – Manila



Day 1

After 24 hours on the trip I landed in Manila. On the plane I met Roland, who offered me a lift to the hostel. I took advantage of his proposal. Together with his mother and nephews we had been looking for my hostel for over an hour. Before 8 we managed to find it :).

The lady at the reception unfortunately did not let me into the room – registration was from 12, so I just left my luggage and went out to the city to look for a bottle of “Head or tail” (Ukrainian travel program). After a few hours of searching I got to this place. On the map everything looked beautiful and peace of cake, in fact it was  opposite. I climbed the trees and brushed the bushes, unfortunately I did not find the bottle which I was looking for – I was just bitten by ants. Dirty, sweaty and tired I went back to the hostel to sleep the hardships of travel and exploration.

In the afternoon I went to Rizal Park to meet with Psyche (not to be confused with the psycho :D, she is friend of my friend). Waiting for her to come, I met a professor from the University of the Philippines and several times I have been asked to take a photo with random people 😀 – I was a tourist attraction – I thought that Park was it.

Along with Psyche we have partially explored Intramouros (in the morning while I was looking for a bottle I also saw a large part of it). At the evening we had delicious food in the Inasal restaurant. Grilled chicken with rice served with lime juice and soy sauce (until now I  dream of it :D), and for dessert Halo Halo 🙂 ( crushed ice, ice cream, milk, beans, jelly, sweet potatoes, coconut).

Returning to the hostel I lost my way – at night everything looked very different. I asked a “woman” for an advice where to go. The woman turned out to be Ladyboy :D. He offered me a massage :D. I refused and I said that he is a  LadyBoy.

In response I heard:

LB: How can you say that? Do I look like Ladyboy?

Me: Yes: D.

He had very good body shape, but the face and hands – like a woodsman left much to be desired :).



Day 2

In the morning I supposed to visit  Chinese Cemetery with Ronald. After 30 minutes of waiting for him I decided to go on my own, but first breakfast in  Inasal :D. Ronald joined me while I was eating. By train we got to the Abad Santos –the cementery’s  closest station. To get to main gate we took three cycle ( 40 peso).


The place was interesting. For small tip (20-30 pesos) you can enter the tomb (if there is any guardian with you). We were in two mausoleums  larger than many houses in Philippines. Later we went to Chinatown to ate the original Siopao (meanwhile Psyche joined us).


The three of us went to Fort Santiago (75 peso ticket). Ronald preferred to wait for us in the San Agustin Church. After Intramuros we went to Spa: D (860 pesos/person).

For the first time in my life I experienced a professional massage. I was amused by a few things: tickling on my feet and the moment when the masseur began to massage me by his knees. He screwed me up, bent and  finally whole my body was in pain – I felt my back a lot.

After the spa with Psyche we drove to the fish market Seaside Dampa (Ronald returned  home). For 700 pesos we bought 0.5 mussels, 0.5 kg of shrimp and 1 kg of fish. On the other side of the street were restaurants where for another 500 pesos  the seafood have been prepared for us. It was a little expensive, but occasionally you can afford for a moment of weakness: D.

Return to hostel by Grab Taxi – Asian equivalent of Uber. Useful application but on my phone did not work too well – phone’s  fault.

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