Philippines country of contrast – Cebu City





Cebu under pink umbrella.

Day 10

The night ferry arrived to Cebu with one hour delay. I wasn’t in a hurry, because it was still early and I was not sure if I will be let into the room Sugbutel Hotel – it was very   early. I walked there about 20-30 min. from Pier 1. Fortunately for others (after 24 hours at high temperatures, without a shower I simply smelled) I was let into the dorm and I could refresh myself.

It was a very large air-conditioned dorm and It was divided into sections each one had four beds. Dorm was in quite high standard. There were also some useful solutions, like: hiding place under the pillow, the battery charger socket and shelves. It could seam that is nothing but with time you starting appreciate the little things. Especially when you staying overnight in crowded place where there is only few sockets.

I went out from Sugbutele only in t-shirt and shorts. While I was on my way to the city centre it started raining. I was forced to buy an umbrella.

Unfortunately the little ones that I could hide in my backpack were for ladies. I had to decide between buying one with lace or pink one. I have chosen pink :). The main reason was my camera – not me.

In my opinion Cebu is a city for one day. I know every place has something to offer and you are unable to see everything, but that is my opinion.

Most interesting places to see (also those on the outskirts of town):

  • Basilica Minore del Santo Nino
  • Fort San Pedro
  • Heritage of Cebu Monument
  • Magellan Cross
  • Yep Santiago Ancestral House – in my opinion the most interesting attraction in the city
  • Tops Lookout
  • Temple of Leah


The last two points are out of town. They are very nice viewpoints. Unfortunately during my stay it was raining and there was poor visibility. To get there I hired a habal-habal (scooter with driver). We settled for 300 pesos for two sides. Being on the spot, the driver told me that he wanted 300 but for one way. Cool! I did not have too much options to bargaining. It was raining and there were no other options to go down. Eventually (after quite nervous discussion) he accepts 400 pesos for both ways.

After Toop Lokout I went to Temple of Leah. I liked that place. The name sounded for me a little Buddhist :). I thought that it will be that kind of building. It turned out that the building was built an honour of the deceased Leah Villa Albino-Adarna by her husband – love can motivate to act :).

Although the weather was suck, the day was quite fruitful. I have seen a lot, thanks to the pink umbrella :D. But I had very bad night in Sugbutel. It was very cold. Air conditioning was probably set to the max, or I had a fever – I do not know. There was no possibility of turning it off because it cooled the entire 80 bed dorm. I had to sleep in a sweatshirt and a sleeping bag.

Daily expenses in a peso:

  • 265 Sugbutel (option without bed linen)
  • 12 jeepney 12I to the center
  • 155 pink umbrella
  • 50 pork dish
  • 30 Fort San Pedro
  • 400 scam habal-habal driver
  • 111 cakes: French Adobo x2, tuna, pineapple cake, Spanish cake, and one more orange one
  • 100 Tops Lookout – very good viewpoint
  • 50 Leyla Temple – interesting place, worth to visit, also with interesting view
  • 50 Yep Santiago Ancestral House – a decaying wooden house, has something in it 🙂
  • 121 Pecko Chicken
  • 45 Lumpiang Togue
  • 37.75 wet wipes
  • 34.75 hygienic wipes


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