My travels


For the first time in my life I went outside the Europe. For the first time on my own. I was concerned if I will be able to manage this kind of journey as it was something completely new for me.



After 24 hours on the trip I landed in Manila. On the plane I met Roland, who offered me a lift to the hostel. I took advantage of his proposal. Together with his mother and nephews we had been looking for my hostel for over an hour. Before 8 we managed to find it :).


This feeling when you go to the airport and you know that in a few hours you will be in a different country, in the different climate. Surrounded by different people and culture. It is a mixture of happiness and fun. I had 10 days to explore Spain. My first checkpoint was Barcelona.


When I came back from Nepal I wanted to escape from the ‘sunshine’ England. I did not plan any journey that soon but I made the decision in the heat of the moment. The tickets to Italy have been bought.


Nuuk is the capital and the biggest city in Greenland at the same time. It is habitant for about 1/3 population of the country which is 17,600 people. The city was founded by Hansa Egede in 1721 or 1728. He named the city as Godthåb (from Danish it means good hope). However in 1979 the Greenlanders changed it to Nuuk (from Kalaallisut – Naze). I personally think that the Greenlandic name looks and sounds more clearly.




When I got out from the plane I was hit with the hot wave. My skin was burning – I felt the results of sunbathing in Italy. At the airport I filled out the declaration that I entered the country. The custom officer stamped my passport and the formalities were completed. I had ordered the driver who picked me up from the terminal. The price was 15 euro and the time about 40 minutes.

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