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Since few months I have been hearing many references about freeze-dried meals. That is why I decided to buy few sachets to check the taste myself.

I bought 3 packets of LYO FOOD:

  • Traditional Polish souerkraut
  • Mexican Dish
  • Pork Stew with pearl barley

The preparation method is very simple. You have to tear off the notch above the zip lock. Remove from the packet oxygen absorber.
Add appropriate amount of boiled hot water. Close the zip lock and wait 10 minutes. After 10 minutes re-open packet and stir well the content.

Traditional Polish souerkraut – Polish stew

Ingredients: sauerkraut 62%, pork meat 18%, chicken breast 6%, champignon mushrooms, rapeseed oil, dried wild mushrooms (boleatus), smoked plumes, spieces (contains Celery).

Energy 316 kcal

Weight 80g, rehydrated 500g

Taste: I have been positively surprised . I didn’t expect such a good taste. The stew was properly seasoned (There was even bay leaf) with big pieces of meat. I have been impressed. Opusciles have !!!That stew could be easily used during the Christmas time ( in Polish tradition many families prepare that dish for Christmas or other special occasions ).

Mexican Dish

Ingredients: rice 34%, chicken breast 28%, red beans 10%, vegetable in varying proportions 14% (sweetcorn, onion, red bell pepper), tomato paste 2%, wheat flour, potato flour, rapeseed oil, mixed herbs.

Energy: 359 kcal

Weight: 94, rehydrated 370g

Taste: Another surprise. Like my hiking friend Peter said: “I could not do better one” – I do not know if that can be taken as guideline as he is not a good cook at all. However it was well seasoned and very tasty.

Pork Stew with pearl barley

Ingredients: pork meat 38%, pearl barley 28%, wheat flour, carrot 5%, red bell pepper 5%, green peas 5%, parsnip 5%, onion 5%, salt, rapeseed oil.

Energy: 335 kcal

Weight: 83g, rehydrated 270g

Taste: In that case I was also surprised. To be honest I am not a fan of pearl barley but I ate stew with taste.

My opinion:

I didn’t expect that all three dishes will be so good and filling.
On the package you will find well prepared instruction. Even a person who does not know Polish, German, French, Spanish and English languages looking at the pictures shown on the package will be able to figure out, how to make the dish.

You can leave package on the flat surface without threat that it will keel over.
Most of the dishes cost around 8 euro. In Polish reality it is quite expensive. But compering that to the prices on Greenland where instant soup cost 3 euro it doesn’t seem a lot.

I already bought two packets of Polish stew to my Greenland trip. I want give them to Intuits so they can try Polish goods :D. I am very curious about their reaction.

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