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Recently I have visited London. The weather was very English – rain, wind and the Sun in a different combinations but even though I was able to see something.

I did not go to the London Eye as I have been there before and I did not want to stay in a long queue for again. There are a few options that you can use to save some money. 2 for 1 in case that we have train ticket. You can buy it on the railway station from £12.30. The ticket covers all day, unlimited rides on metro, trains, trams or buses. If you wish to use this option you need to print the concessionary card. The price for two tickets £25. You can also combine the tickets for one or more attractions – the price depends on the chosen variant.

The Monument

The next point of mine was The Monument. After walking on the 311 stairs you get to the cage with beautiful view to the whole city. The price of one ticket in the offer of 2 is £2.25.It is an option that can be combined with the entry to the Tower Bridge for £11, but it is better to buy them separately 2 for 1 as it will be cheaper.

Tower Bridge

The entrance ticket to the Tower Bridge in the offer 2 for 1 it is £9 that can be split for two people. The queue is not long, the low price and what is more the beautiful panorama of the city and there is a river underneath your feet. There are only disadvantages.
On each attraction in an offer 2 for 1 you will need the railway ticket ( it can be combined and bought at one of the stations with printed concessionary card. The ticket and the card should be valid on the same date.

In my opinion the best option of travelling in the city is by underground. It is crowded at the peak time.

Attractions in London

Apart from the attractions described above there are also some places worth to be seen: Buckingham PalaceBig Ben, Chinatown, Piccadilly CircusLeicester Square, Hyde Park, Camden Market, The St John’s Cathedral, Westminster Abbey, Windsor castle. Most of them are for free. It is only a piece of the attractions located in London and I sopent three days to be able to see them all .

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