Kangerlussuaq gate of Greenalnd


The idea of having a ride in the dog sledge to the Kangerlussuaq did not work out as it was too expensive. It supposed to be few days adventure but sometimes you cannot have everything you want in your life, sometimes you can but not everything at once. My new plan was improvised and carried out very fast. I have not considered the entire plan and I did huge logistic mistake – I bought tickets to the Ilulissat completely forgetting about the Kangerlussuaq. Except 4 cities I have visited only 3. Everything was caused by unnecessary rush. I was not thinking that Kangerlussuaq is worth of seeing at the beginning. Although I have seen only the airpiort there now I know that this place has much more to offer. Below you will find the answer why.

Everything may happen when there is Friday the 13th…

On the Friday the 13th I had a flight booked from the Sisimiut to the Ilulissat. As it turned out later with one change in the Kangerlussuaq included. All flights Air Greenland from Sisimiut except mine have been cancelled. Sometimes even I have luck.

When I was waiting at the Kangerlussuaq airport I realised that I could have bought an airplane ticket with few days change.

When I was waiting for the second flight I did hope that it will be cancelled – the same as it was due to the most of the flights from the Sisimiut. I would have had the opportunity to see at least the city. Unfortunately my flight was on time and I did not have the opportunity of seeing anything at all – that is the price that you pay when you rush yourself and do not consider the best options.

Søndre Strømfjord

The Kangerlussuaq also called as Søndre StrømfjordSondrestrom or Sondy.
The airport in the Kangerlussuaq has the direct connection with the Denmark. It is also the main transferring point for the internal flights so this is why it is often called as “Gate of Greenalnd”.

Russell Glacier

25 km from the city the Russell Glacier is located. There is a gravel road that leads to the iceberg and this is what make this attraction easy accessible and one of the most popular ones. You rather will not find many monuments on Greenland. Many attractions are mainly associated with time spending outside on the fresh air. I really think that is fantastic opportunity. Seeing of the iceberg is Greenlandic “must see”.


In the 60s in the Kangerlussuaq’s neighbourhood the 27 individuals of the oxen musks were brought there. Its’ population was growing very fast and nowadays this animal is introduced as one of the tourists attraction. The animals can be admired or even hunted.
I do not have hunting instinct inside me and I would rather choose bloodless safari with the photo camera. The cost of such a 1.5 hour journey with the guide in total is 275 DKK. I think that during the season this kind of safari can be booked even one day before the wanted date.

The four days long hunting for the oxen musk is much more expensive. The prices start from the 4.500 €. The basic package includes the tour guide, transport from the accommodation place to the camp, sleeping in the tent, the license to shoot off the ox musk and also the second ‘smaller’ license to shoot off smaller animal. In this case the prior reservation and contact with the organiser is probably required.

Volkswagen Das Auto !!!

One of the oddities about the Kangerlussuaq is the fact that for a while it was a place where some cars were tested. The car’s company on Greenland?? Yes, I was shocked a swell.
In 2000 the 30 km long testing route for Volkswagen’s cars on the Isunngua’s upland was built. The cars are being tested in harsh conditions. This location was chosen due to the fact that the international airport is very close, its’ landform unable all rubbernecks people to see too much, very low amount of citizens and good weather conditions. This project was abandoned but the route that is still there is now being used as a touristic route that leads to the iceberg since 2006.


The attractions of the city may also include the bowling alley with one track, the swimming pool and the golf course (the remains of the American military post). I know that for many of you it may sound funny that I am calling it as an attraction but when the city has about 500 people in total it could be big entertainment, especially on Greenland.
You can also visit the museum located on the airport that introduces the aviation during and after the II World War.

Going to Greenland do not commit the same mistake as I did and remember to visit the Kangerlussuaq. It is worth to stay there even for one day to see the iceberg. In spite of what many may say about the journey to the iceberg it is not as simple as it seems, especially on April. I know something about it.

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