Greenland summary


Something has begun and something has ended

The Greenland cycle began with an initial / informative entry. At the end I decided to sum up my adventure.

It took me much more time to report my trip around Greenland than I planned. I thought that I will be able to do it by the end of June, eventually October has started. Three factors influenced that it was delayed: a large amount of material, work and trips during which I try to enjoy the moment and to break away from everything, so honestly saying I had small break from the blog.

Impressions about Greenland

The first impression was not positive, but I noticed that my beginnings in new places are not the bests – there will always be something that does not meet the expectations: dirty snow, large space, etc. On the pictures everything looked different – they cheated on me :). I know that the photos are souped-up and usually look different, but sometimes I’m still so naive. The views that I could admire later were just stunning. Although later views did not differ far from photographs :).

What I saw in Greenland

What did I see in Greenland? With a clear conscience I can say that nothing. On the photographs and movies, you can see that I was not sitting in one a place, but honestly saying I have not seen as much as you may think. I have seen only small part of the country. I spent almost a month traveling. I was only exploring the warmest west coast of the country. I was in 6 cities, of which I only visited 3; Nuuk, Sisimiut, Ilulissat.

I accomplished 70% of my plan.

I have visited a few workshops, I have met interesting people, I have seen icebergs, I have ridden a dog sled and snowmobile, I went trekking (although it was not successful), I did not break my skis what is more I even got tanned – I looked similar to the panda, but at least I received an ‘injection ‘of vitamin D :). I have also seen the Northern Lights for a few times.

The remaining unrealized 30% is an unforgettable ride in a dog sled on the Sisimiut – Kangerlusuaq route, hunting with the camera. I also have not seen the whales and the glacier more closely.

What do I think about Greenland?

Greenland is BEAUTIFUL, POWERFUL, WILD and MODERN at the same time.

You can find all the comforts of the world there, and you can easily cut yourself off from everything and mute in the bosom of nature. After visiting the green island, people begin to understand that they are only small ants, or actually just a grain of sand, against the enormity of the world, elements and weather. Greenland teaches humility.

Would you be back there?

Yes of course :). But I do not know if it will ever work for me. The reason is one – money. You can travel low-cost, but in Greenland, a few thousand zlotys is already a low budget. This is a very expensive direction, but on the other hand the country is not trampled by tourists.

To Greenland!

If Adam Jarniewski had no free time, I will gladly help you with exploring Greenland. I would be happy to help with any organizational things and I can be your guide there.

I have been there only for a month but for sure I know some “basics of Greenland” and I’m sure it will not be boring :).

That would be enough for the summary. If you have any questions, write the e-mail directly to me.

Big thanks…

Many thanks to everyone I met on my way. Thank you for agreeing to support my promotion project of the Polish North Pole.

I also would like to thank to the organizations and companies that in any way supported my actions in preparation for the trip.

I am sending the biggest THANKS to the Wigry National Park, which enabled me to organize an exhibition of my photos.

Thank you also for being a part of the blog, for visiting and reading my posts. I hope that you liked Greenland as much as I did :). It means a lot that you are here.

Dear readers please do not go too far, soon the next adventures of the Arek and the giraffe will be posted on the blog :).

Greetings :)!

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