Fishing greenlandic halibut

Let’s say that at the beginning my host Mona was too friendly to me. I really do not know what caused that. With the passing time I earned her sympathy. I think fish has a little impact on how situation developed. Our later relations has improved significantly: I started receiving lunches served with beer, before every single trip or longer walk I was given sandwiches, tea in a thermos and a fruit. The language barrier did not let us to chat away but we were getting on together at the fundamental issues.

The day before shipping out with the fishermen due to the safety reasons I informed her and her husband Hans about my plans. I assuming that it is better if somebody knows where you are in case of the unfortunate events. Honestly in case when people are missing on the sea there are rather no chances to find the missing people at all.

I will not forget her amusement when I told her about “my” fishermen and my fishing plans. Both, Mona and Hans were not able to understand my plans, but later on they realised that I am not typical tourist and they started calling me Aalisartoq – in Greenlandic it means fisherman.

At the port

I was 20 minutes before the time at the appointed place. I was waiting another 20 minutes. Two fishermen Karl and Aqqalu were slightly late. We got to the board straight away when they came and after few minutes we started shipping out from the bay. Due to the floating ice floe that was brought by the ocean’s current it was not as easy as many may think. The boat was swerving back and front between big ice pieces. First time in my life I experienced something like that – it was very interesting I should admit.

Broken net

First few minutes of fishing were not successful. In the first net there no many fish and the second one was stolen be the ocean’s current. We were floating for w few hours between the ice bergs with the dropped anchor with hope that it will be possible to grapple it. For me this trip was a big surprise (beautiful views) for Karl it was a hard work and stress connected to the possible loss of his equipment and money. I have got this feeling in my head that they have taken a white guy with them and their problems started. I was wondering if they thought the same.
Unfortunately, they did not have an opportunity to gain a toehold on the ground using the anchor, but after few hours they noticed their own buoy. As a compensation for the lost time the net was full of fish in the end. All in all it was now known that presence of w white guy on the board was not a curse. The fishing was quite good as we have got 300 kg of halibut. The fisherman were very happy and me either.

Their good humour has passed on me and what is the most important I could take fantastic pictures. Please, see them in my gallery :).

I very liked being on the boat so I decided to go fishing with them one more time. I did not have any plans that time so it was very good option.

On the second day I was not speeding myself as much as I did previously. I was not late but just a moment before the appointed time. The Karl i Aqqalu have been already on the boat and they were waiting for the crane operator to come. His task was to take the container full of fish from the previous day. The day before we came 3 o clock p.m and there were nobody to help us. The temperature outside was oscillating around -12°C so there was no possibility for the fish to be addled.

When the containers were emptied we started our little cruise. On that day there was no single ice floe, everything was smooth, and any net was broke or disappeared. All of that does not mean it was boring. The stunning views requited the lack of the plot twists. Except unforgettable memories, many photos and movies I have bought some fish from them that was prepared later on by Mona – it was almost like my mum prepared it for me :).

The expenses in DKK:

  • 400 the fee of two days that I have spent on the boat. In comparison the prices with the ones given at the travel agencies: 650 DKK for 3 hours of shipping between the ice bergs. Summing up I am happy as I spent nothing on that and I saved a bit.
  • 200 kg of the halibut’s fillet.

Greetings !

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