Ferry from Nuuk to Sisimiut – Arctic Umiaq Line

I came back from the island, I had quick shower and I unpacked my stuff. Then I was ready to start my journey. I went to the (port) to find the boat Arctic Umiaq Line. It was the next part of my trip. New incredible views and experiences were waiting for me.

Day 6 – the evening

Arctic Umiaq Line

When I was travelling along the Philiphines I was sleeping in the boat but in any way it cannot be compared with my Greenland trip. The main difference is a climate and different experiences. At the beginning I felt so comfortable while being on the Philippines’ boat – later on I had a feeling that I will fell straight to the water through the barrier, it was also cold on the lower deck and very hot outside.

It was totally different on the Greenlandic vessel: very hot inside but freezing out there, but somehow more cosy. The bunks were bright and pleasant.

My first thoughts were not good. I was a bit afraid that our boat will hit the iceberg. There was a vision of death in the freezing cold marine deeps. My vision was similar like the one from the “Titanic” movie ( the iceberg that sank seemingly unsinkable ship probably came from the Ilulissat area on Greenland) but the ship and lifeboats looked trustworthy. My black thoughts disappeared.

The daily expenditures in DKK:

  • 2000 – the rental of the boat from the “Water Nuuk Taxi“ in a both ways
  • 25.75 cheese
  • 31.95 salami
  • 34 2 x coca cola 0.5l
  • 23.95 cottage cheese „ Philadelfia”

Day 7

On the boat

From the outside, a slightly rough sea, snow-covered rocky fjords, and you sit safely on the other side of the glass, in the mess, in a comfortable chair sipping warm tea and admiring the views. Such small pleasures.

On the way, the ship had two stops: Manitsoq and Kangamiut. In Kangamiut, due to the very shallow water, the boat could not enter the bay. The crew dropped the motorboat and thus transported passengers disembarking and embarking. A moment after the boat was pulled into the ship, an alarm went off. There was a message in Greenlandic and Danish. The message was not given in English, but there was no panic among the passengers, so I assumed everything was ok. It turned out that these were just exercises for the crew and the orange manikin was rescued. Such a small twist of action during a 22 hour cruise on the NuukSisimiut route.

Interesting facts

Ship M / S Sarfaq Ittuk which I sailed between 1999 and 2000 was rebuilt in the Gdansk Ship repair Yard.

The ship’s officer must be handed over to the ship while entering the ship.

The technical information:

  • 73 meters long
  • 11 meters wide
  • 270 the total amount of the passengers
  • 90 seats in the restaurant
  • 12 the crew members

Prices on the ship in DKK:

The food:

  • 75 breakfast between 7-9
  • 75 lunch between 12-13.30
  • 100 dinner between 18.00 – 19.30
  • 40 desert
  • 25 sandwich
  • 35 sandwich with a lid
  • 25 cookies
  • 9 fruit


  • 15 coffe / tea
  • 45 beer 0.33 ml
  • 25 soft drinks
  • 219/45 – bottle / glass of the red or white wine

Internet 50 DKK for 30 min.

The bar was opened between 7.00 a.m and 10.00 p.m.
If someone did not have cash, it was possible to pay by the credit cards, such as Visa and Mastercard.

Arctic Umiaq Line

Spendings during the cruise in DKK:

  • 1158.60 the (ferry) ticket, the route Nuuk – Sisimiut
  • 90 2 x beer
  • 15 tea
  • 35 tea + desert
  • 30 next tea + dessert t (supposedly just a biscuit cake with custard but tasty :))
  • 100 dinner
  • 45 beer
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