Philippines – the country of contrasts – in the shadow of the Mayon’s volcano





The morning began with breakfast served in the room – fancy :D. In the morning I managed to get the laundry done at the hotel, even though in the evening one of the receptionist women could not tell me where to find the laundry.

Often when I was asking for the directions, I was advised to ask the drivers or catch tricycles – I do not know what it was caused by, lack of knowledge of topography, ignorance of English or laziness, or maybe all in one.

Being still at the Hotel Liatoris, on the phone I wanted to plan trekking to the Mayano volcano. Unfortunately, once again I could not communicate. During a face-to-face conversation, you can gesticulate and sometimes your hands hurt, but ultimately the matter is settled. The phone conversation unfortunately does not give you this opportunity.
I did not manage to come to an agreement but at the reception I learned that all tourist offices are in Cagsawa – from where the volcano trips begin.


To be sure, I decided to look for a tourist information. It was not in Legazpi for sure. I was directed to Daraga, although the “street informator” was also not sure whether I would find something there. I did not want to waste my time, I asked the policewoman for the Tourist Information.

The ladies, uncertain of their decision, pointed to the Municipal Hall of Daraga. At the reception I was directed to the Tourism Office (I felt like someone important :)). Pleasant and helpful lady gave me a lot of information and handed some useful leaflets. I learned a lot.

She suggested what to see. The lady first proposed visiting the Daraga Church, later visiting the ruins in Cagsawa and the ATV expedition – something like the quad with the engine from the mower :).

I followed her suggestions. First, the church – with the view to the volcano, then the ruins in Cagsawa – also with the view to the volcano, and then an ATV tour on Black Lava Formations – also with a view of the volcano :). Mount Mayon spreads over the whole area.

All the places visited were cool, but I liked the ATV ride the most :). It’s nothing that a large section of the route is a concrete road. The rest of the route led along the river and many times you had to cross it – I do not know if it was necessary due to the lack of another option, or simply it was done for tourists. It is certain that I liked it a lot :).

I did not expect that the Lava Formations were located so far from the volcano. Some companies offer trips closer to the volcano’s foot – but the price is much higher, and I could not afford to spend more money at that time.

The places that will not be found in the guide book that were also recommended by a nice lady from the Tourism Office:

  • Nuesta Senora De Lo Partiera
  • Nabasan Milaos Cave
  • Gabawan Lake
  • Quitinday Hills
  • Verra Falls
  • Japanese Tunnel
  • Denao

I have not been in these places, I do not know how it is there, but if someone of you goes there I will gladly hear an opinion on this subject.

Legazpi, Legazpi, Legazpi, one would like to say LEGAZPI! I spent two nights there, unfortunately the city did not amuse me. It is full of shops, pharmacies and restaurants – I do not like such attractions especially. However, when strolling I came across a small, dark fish market. At the beginning, people were surprised by my presence, but later, the same as in Ormock they began to smile and ask for photos. Nice :).

Daily expenses in pesos:

  • 2,340 two nights at the Hotel Liatoris
  • 9 Jeepney Legazpi – Daraga
  • 50 Daraga – Cagsawa three-wheeler
  • 280 honey for a sick throat
  • 1.150 Bicol Adventure ATV Black Lava Formations
  • 50 environmental fee – not included in the price of the trip
  • 13 Jeepney Cagsawa – Legazpi
  • 102 a dinner at a local pub
  • 16.17 pen – I had to buy a new one as they did not want to work for me
  • 301 sunscreen cream
  • 175 dinner at Inasal

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