Camping in Greenland

The third day in Greenland was for visiting the workshop, exchanging cash, buying a sim card and preparing for the campsite, but it’s not always going as we would like. I wrote about the workshop in the previous post so in this post, it will be about the remaining plans.

Currency exchange in Greenland

Whenever I go to another country, I ask myself one very important question: which currency to take – because what I want to do in my life, I have known for some time now :). After a short consideration for Greenland, I decided to take the euro.

With the exchange of cash I had to wait a few days – at Easter the bank was closed. I went there on Tuesday right after holidays. I think that many people who I found there had similar plan as I did.Seeing the crowd of customers, I decided to come back later, meanwhile I went to the post office.

Tele – Post

Roaming in Greenland is very expensive and I do not recommend switching the internet even for a few minutes. I made this mistake and started to transmit data. It lasted a minute, maybe up two. Then I received information from Orange that it cost me PLN 240. There was no anger, just the thought that I made a splash.

The only one provider of postal services, the Internet and mobile operator in Greenland is Tele – Post. The Post Office Building in Nuuk is located near the Bank of Greenland on Qullilefik 2.

There was also a large queue and you had to stand for a long time. The “tourist” sim card cost 400 DKK, of which 200 DKK was for use on calls and text messages. The account balance was checked by sending an SMS with the text Saldo to the number 1800.

Citizens of Greenland and residents with a Danish insurance number had better offers, e.g. data packets.

Bank’s in Greenland second approach

Unfortunately, the return did not bring any effect. After standing in my queue, I learned that on Tuesdays and Thursdays the currency exchange is possible only until noon – such a small surprise. When I asked why there is such a state of affairs, I heard that the management of the bank ordered that in those days the cashier, after 12 o’clock, should take care of other duties.

Daily expenses of the price in DKK:

  • 49.95 broccoli salad
  • 25 cheese
  • 25 0.5 kg of grapes
  • 3.75 advertisement
  • 400 sim card
  • 80 10 postcards
  • 160 10 stamps
  • 450 3 masks bought from Karl
  • 15.95 cookies
  • 40 2 portable grills
  • 105 cinema ticket
  • 60 2 kg of seal meat
  • 25 fish Nipisak

Bank approach third

On Wednesday morning I waited at the bank’s door before the opening (opening hours: Monday – Tuesday 9.30 – 15.30, Friday 9.30 – 15.00). I quickly got to the cash register, but it did not go too well, the system crashed. An elderly, nice lady apologized for the delay caused by the computer reset. I assured her that nothing happened because nothing really happened. It was only 13 o’clock that I had an arranged motor boat (the next stage of the journey), so there was no nerves. The computer started to work, I recalculated the banknotes several times and after 20 minutes everything was done, which is not so bad :).

 The island of Bjørneøen

From the beginning of my stay in the capital, I agreed with Water Taxi Nuuk the details of my boat trip – it was mainly about the lowest cost.
I wanted to set sail on Tuesday, but eventually it was on Wednesday – it was cheaper.
Yellow, 6-person boat with the gracious name “Ice force two” took the Belorussian, Greek and me for a ride.

The Greek asked about the motives of my campsite decision on the island.
After a few intense days (from the very beginning of the trip) I needed peace, I wanted to catch up on the notes. I also counted on the northern lights. During the first two days at Nuuk I had the opportunity to see the aurora- it was impressive, but I was unsatisfied. These were my motives.

After a 40-minute crossing A.J – helmsman left me on a desert island, from where he was to pick me up in two days.



Before leaving, I bought two portable grills, Nipisak fish and 2 kg of seal meat. Although the fish looked prominently after evisceration and roasting, it turned out that it had very little meat and a lot of jelly-like substance that I did not want especially – it got to seagulls.


The seal has very dark red meat, which after baking became even darker. In taste and consistency it resembled pork a little with a hint of fish, and the fat was very intense in it – like I was eating greasy greaves from fish oil.

I spent the whole day pleasantly doing nothing :D. I walked, took pictures, made up my notes, prepared the rest of the seal on the grill – it came out better than the day before.

On such a desert island, a man can sing his favourite songs without fear of being heard. Around cold and snow but in my heart there was hot Latino blood :D. For this all the time a man is in the bosom of nature, observes the sea, mountains and birds – you can calm down.

Awaiting for the rescue

My water taxi was supposed to pick me up at 2pm. After an hour of waiting and freezing on the beach (all the equipment was packed) my internal peace was disturbed. I was cold as hell. Eagles began to circle above me, could they feel my end?

A moment later, Anders (the owner of the company) appeared. He arrived at the second boat “Ice force one“. It was bigger than the previous one, which made it difficult to get to the shore.

He tried to throw the anchor and swam on me, but the winch was stuck. He tried to fix it, but to no avail. After another 30 minutes of testing and going through a large piece in search of a place to board, I managed to jump on the boat.

Together with each passage and warming up in the cabin, internal peace returned to its previous state. There was no longer anger caused by being late, only luck that I would not be late for the ferry :).

A.J who was supposed to pick me up with a smaller boat, he turned back because of too big waves.

After several miles, I was not surprised by his decision. It was terrible to throw a big boat, let alone talk about a smaller shell.

Daily expenses of the price in DKK:

  • 2000 cross-country motorboat crossing
  • 25.75 cheese
  • 3.95 salami
  • 34 2 x 0.5 l Coca Cola
  • 23.95 Philadelphia cream cheese
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