Philippines country of contrast – Dumaguete




Dumaguete – looking for shade.

Day 9

In the morning I wanted to pick up the laundry and moved to Dumaguete as soon as possible. At 7 am I was on my way to the laundry room in San Juan (the opening hours were 7:30 – 17:30). No one cared that I wanted to  move straight in the morning. Lady from laundry service appeared at 9. They did not care about customers! I politely asked  ( I have been waiting  1.5 hour and I did not even raise my voice 🙂 ) her to take of misleading information from the window – she did that immediately. From that moment I was not in a hurry :), because my whole plan was already in ruin.

After picking up laundry I went back to the hostel, repackaged. With two backpacks ( one on the back, second on the front ) in Ferrari glasses 🙂 on white motorbike I went to Siquijor. I felt like Schumacher. Ah, that wind in my hair :).

In the pier I met driver who rented  me a motorbike. I have paid him for an additional day. He helped me to get the ticket and paid terminal fee. I had to run to get to the ferry. I was shouting  “wait for me, wait for me” – they were laughing  at me, but waited 🙂 However, not everything started wrong :).

Route Siquijor – Dumaguete took one hour. From the port to the centre was max 10 min walk. You can always rent a tricycle or taxi. Marcin from advised me to by ticked for night ferry to Cebu. I did  what  he had  said. After that I went to the  centre where I found a hostel. I left there  of my backpacks and without any weights I headed to see the city.

It was very hot. The heat was on everyone’s nerves. It was hard to walk in places without the shade. At one point I thought I was going to faint, but after a solid meal, a bottle of water and a moment of rest I returned to  good condition. In town there is not much to explore (in my opinion). The church, bell tower, park nearby , market and museum.

About 16 began to rain. I was walking on the streets and enjoying the rain.

I am so fortunate that whenever I want to be alone and observe the surroundings, someone uninvited interrupts me. It was the same there. I am not longer counting the sellers who wanted to sell me Viagra or “real pearls for very good price – only for you, my friend”. One drunk man has beaten everyone. He sat next to me, introduced  himself(I do not remember his name) and started monologue :):

“Shark, gibberish, Cebu, shark, gibberish” x 10, and how I supposed to understand that:). I asked him if it was about the shark attack in Cebu, but in response I  heard only “shark, gibberish, Cebu, shark, gibberish”. At the end, the storyteller asked me for payment, unfortunately I sent him away without reward, his story wasn’t good enough.

The night ferry to Cebu was a new experience for me – fear mixed with excitement. I got a bed right next to the railing with view on the sea :). I fastened my luggage and with hope that I would not fall overboard during my trip I lay down on the bed. I fall asleep gently shrunk my legs so they did not protrude overboard.


Daily expenses in a peso:

  • 105 loundry
  • 55 breakfast – waiting to open the laundry
  • 250 extra charge for extra day rental motor
  • 130 Siquijor – Dumaguete ferry
  • 14 port fee
  • 310 Dumaguete – Cebu night ferry ticket
  • 54 Footlong hot dog + Mirinda
  • 50 entrance to the museum
  • 146 chicken, rice and cola
  • 10.5 6 postcards
  • 110 2 stamps, here I started wondering if the previous cards would come. For previous stamps on Siquijor Island I have paid only 17 pesos each, where in Dumaguete 55 peso each
  • 15 street musician
  • 2 public toilet
  • 30 1l of water
  • 22 notebook
  • 8.5 ball pen
  • 20 watermelons
  • 30 tea in the bar
  • 29 icecream
  • 260 Lechon with rice
  • 50 tips for keeping luggage
  • 15 terminal fee


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